Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

It's that time again, and thank goodness. You can join in the Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary, which, incidentally, I always type as Conversion Dairy. That's a whole other website, I'm sure.

1. It's this guy's birthday today! I just love him to bits. Happy Birthday, Rob!

2. Sometimes I find that I need to read a good old chick lit book. Not that I'm sitting around reading Tolstoy, but I have been reading some non-fiction books and every once in a while I need to cleanse my palate. It's like watching a comedy or reading People magazine - pure entertainment.

3. Lost will be back in 5 days, people! I hope I can remember even a fourth of what happened last season, or I will be as lost as . . . well, you get the idea . . .

4. Why can I not change the channel when The Cutting Edge comes on? Moira Kelly, DB Sweeney, the Pamchenko! I can't help it, I get sucked in. (And what ever happened to DB Sweeney? Do I even want to know?)

5. The Superbowl is on Bun's birthday this year. Last year, Rob's beloved Giants won the Superbowl a few days after Bun was born, so I'm hoping at least one of the Pennsylvania teams can make it through and win it this year.

6. I found a funky old picture frame a few days ago. It used to be out all the time, and then, in a fit of redecorating, it got shoved to the back of the closet and forgotten. I put one of my favorite pictures of Sally in it, and set it out on the sideboard in my dining room.

The frame has etched mirrors around the outside of it, and in its new spot, the sun hits the mirror at precisely 8:14 every morning and throws rainbows all over the living room ceiling. It's pretty darn cool.

Sally and I are fascinated by them, but by 8:35, the sun has moved enough to make the rainbows disappear. Sally gets a little sad every time they go away, and it's a reminder to me that nothing stays, everything changes, whether good or bad. In a year's time, Sally may not even remember that she was so captivated by the rainbows. I have to chase them with her now.

7. I have to make Rob's cake this afternoon, and the kids are going to want to help me.
I'm not crazy about baking projects with the kids. There, I said it.

I know that takes me out of the running for Mother of the Year and Miss Betty Crocker 2009, but I have to be true to myself.

It's the messiness and slowness that get me the most. I like to bake, so I get into a zone where I am zipping right along, all my ingredients laid out, cleaning up as I go along. There is none of that when you have a six year old cracking eggs and a two year old mixing. It's my own little purgatory on earth.

Despite all that, I still let them help because I want them to know what to do in a kitchen besides stand at their mother's feet and beg for food. I am just not always gracious about it.

Speaking of begging for food, I have some little people milling hungrily about me right now. I guess I'm going to have to attend to my vocation.

Have a great weekend, my friends, and stay warm!


  1. sue schilling1:03 PM

    hey aimee!!

    today is my jeremy's b-day too... don't feel bad about not loving baking with the kids - i know how you feel! i bought jeremy a cake from weis last night! i'm sure i'll be nominated for wife of the year! :)

  2. I think it would be fun if it came down to Philly vs Pittsburg for the Super Bowl.

    Tell Rob we wish him a Happy, Happy!

  3. Anonymous4:26 PM

    First of all- Happy B-day to Rob!
    Secondly, the cutting edge is an awesome movie and I find it hard to change the channel as well, same story with the breakfast club(Tom totally does not get the fascination which is hard to believe since he is the same way about Patton).
    Thirdly, right there with you on the baking (at least most days of the week anyway)
    Don't freeze this weekend!
    Mirabella MOM
    PS- oh and for my Philly born and bred husband and my dad- GO EAGLES!

  4. Happy Birthday to Rob!

    I also do not enjoy baking with my children and need to let them help more often. I just do not have much patience. I bake to relax (is that even possible?) and letting the kids help does not allow much room for relaxation.

    And I will cheer for the Steelers reluctantly, but will never, ever, ever, root for Philly. As I told dcrmom, that just might cause brain damage.

  5. My hubs bday is tomorrow! What do you know?
    I did not really bake before I had kids and so it just seems normal to bake with them. I should give that baking alone thing a try though, it sounds heavenly.

  6. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Happy Birthday, Rob.

    Baking with kids is difficult because there is nothing precise (or sanitary) about it.

  7. I LOVE Cutting Edge too!! :)

  8. Happy birthday to your hubby!

    I'm so with you on the baking thing - after six eggs cracked all over the counter instead of into a batter that only calls for two, I am pretty much done. Bella's greatest wish is to help roll loompia when we make it, but my father-in-law would rather buy her a pony then let her help out. He has tried, but he is funny about food handling, and as such is horrified by the typical six-year old things she does. She will wash her hands like she is scrubbing for surgery, and two seconds later she has a finger up her nose or is re-situating her underpants. :-) The joys of cooking with children.

  9. Happy birthday to Rob!

    It's not possible that Bun is turning 1 already. Say it's not so!

    I too enjoy a good chick lit every now and again. Especially after a difficult or depressing book.

    And I am no fan of baking with my children. Baking is therapeutic for me and I need to fly SOLO. I get really cranky if I have to have helpers.

  10. GeeGee2:30 PM

    I, too, was not great baker with my children. It always seemed to be about being tired and pressed for time. However, I love baking with my grandchildren!

    Francie's style is high-speed and precise. she sees, she conquers, she's done...! Fiver is slower and the job is, understandably, more tedious for him. We giggle together when he accomplishes a task...Sally is all about the process! She deftly handles every utensil, and,like a great surgical assistant, anticipates what I need. She listens attentively to my long-winded explanations, and patiently waits for instructions. She cleans up without daydreaming, and wears a tight-lipped grin of satisfaction when I say "we're done"! I remember last Easter, when she sat on the counter and watched me make scallopped potatoes. She watched intently, her huge blue eyes taking in the whole scene as she stored it in memory. Every once in a while she would nod her head in words...she was only 1 1/2 years old!

    I love these times. I'm still tired and pressed for time, but now I don't care!

  11. I think it's so funny that you are willing to admit that you don't love baking with children. I have a college age niece who had me laughing when she was saying that she doesn't want kids any where near her when she's doing a craft project.
    I loved how DARING it was for her to say it aloud.

  12. Happy birthday, Rob! I hear all the cool kids' birthdays are in January.

    Have you read the Twilight series? (Please don't hate me.) I was forced to (long story) and now am re-reading. It's a good chick book.

  13. Hey - The Cutting Edge is a classic, classic movie, and is one of its kind. I, too, love that movie inordinately and will even rent it - shocking, I know - though it comes on like every other weekend on Lifetime. Plus, I have a thing where I need to watch it every winter. I know, I can't explain it either.

    And as far as reading chick lit...I am so SO giddy with, um, a gloating feeling right now to hear you say that! Now you know why I love "my books" so much...because they are brainless and easy reads. Sometimes I need a break from the War & Peace's of the literary world.

    Also, I totally get you on the baking. If only because I consider it a serious craft-type project, and therefore worthy of extreme amounts of attention paid to every last detail. Something that cannot be done with children, I would imagine.


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