Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grace for a Busy Body

I've got a lot on my plate today. Nothing earth-shattering, just the usual life kind of things, but the kinds of things about which I am tempted to complain when I am not inclined to do them.

Which is far more often than I like to admit, even to myself.

Then I read this (emphasis mine):

What are our real trials? By what name shall we call them? One
cuts herself a cross of pride; another, one of causeless discontent; another,
one of restless impatience or peevish fretfulness. Yet we know certainly
that our God calls us to a holy life, that He gives us every grace, every
abundant grace; and though we are weak ourselves, this grace is able to carry us
through every obstacle and difficulty.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Thank God I can count on the saints to set me straight.


  1. That certainly hits home, as I'm racing around today feeling sorry for myself. Thanks for that; I needed it.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Just beautiful. I need that today.


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