Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Interrupt This Blogging Break . . .

To say three things:

1. Um, a big WTH to the writers of Lost! How in the world do you follow your own stories? I love the show, but my brain hurts a little every time I watch.

2. I've got the laundry running scared, my friends. I hope to be back to posting and commenting in my specially average way very soon.

3. If you are not a person who can find humor in the bodily functions of smallish humans, you may want to skip this little tale from the HomeFront. I'm just sayin'.

A child of mine has shown some interest in the potty lately. Since my policy is not to force the issue, we've been playing it pretty low key, with a lot of sitting and little of anything else.

Today, this darling child came to me about three minutes too late. I was cool about it, and we headed to the bathroom for a clean up. While trying to get her to navigate out of some, how shall I put it?, full pants, a few little bits escaped and fell on the floor.

Before I could get it picked up, my child and I had this exchange:

Child: Mom! Look, it's a bug on the floor! Get it!

Me: That's not a bug.

Child: What is it?

Me (incredulous): That's from you! That's your p**p. (I'm not prepared to deal with the Google referrals on this word.)

Child: Oh. Well that's weird.

Yes, yes it is. If by weird, you mean TOTALLY GROSS.


  1. TOTALLY gross. And the fact that I'm laughing so hard right now means it'll happen to me. Often.

  2. Potty training is one of the most profoundly loving things a parent can do for a child. Seriously. They deserve to change our Depends for this someday.

  3. Bella didn't mind using the potty for...ahem, number 1, but for number 2 she would hide underneath the kitchen table. One time some 'bits' escaped under there, and when I was cleaning up the kitchen I came across these little bits and, not knowing what they were, picked them up. With bare hands. And then I put up a baby gate.

    Nothing like potty training to drive you mad and gross you out.

  4. Gross. Funny, but gross. People somehow think that because we have five kids we are no longer grossed out by p**p. But I tell them p**p is still p**p and therefore still gross.

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    You have to watch LOST with an interpreter like my husband does, I am not that into the show but I do like to try to figure out all of the little subplots and what not, so he watches and repeatedly asks now who's that and what's this all about? and I try to answer- if you have specific questions, I 'll give it a shot.
    Also, have had a very similar potty conversation- all too recently and not with the youngest either!
    Mirabella MOM

  6. The potty training always brings out the best and funniest kid comments.

  7. I have published the toilet antics of some of my toddlers, too...makes for funny--if somewhat disgusting--reading.

    BTW, I have awarded you an...award.
    Come see it on my blog.

  8. i'm with you on lost...i have to CONCENTRATE or i'll get, well, lost.

    BTW, there's nothing like bathroom humor with kids.

  9. Good thing we love those small people or we'd never get past the "bugs" on the floor.


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