Monday, December 08, 2008

Ho. Ho. Ho. I'm Coming To Get You.

I'd like to share something with you, my friends. Something that amuses Rob and me, but also scares me just a little bit.

Behold, Read-Me-A-Story Santa. Or, as we know it, our children's all time favorite Christmas decoration. They seriously love this thing.

My mother-in-law gave this to us when Francie was a baby, so its magic went untapped the first year we had it. In fact, I think it went right into storage that first year.

Now? Well, it's the first thing the kids dig around for when the Christmas boxes come upstairs. And woe to the parent who has forgotten the three "C" batteries it requires. That's usually me.

Santa comes complete with three stories that, when inserted into his hand, he reads aloud to the delight (and slight trepidation) of young and old. His voice box has seen better days, and even with new batteries he sounds a little off. As in off his rocker, the lovable old coot.

The grinding noise in the background are the gears straining to make Santa's head move back and forth, and Rob and I cannot help laughing when we hear it. I'm sure it's because we have achieved the emotional maturity of a pre-teen.

What I honestly do like about Santa is that his stories are religious, even though it sounds more like a warning than a reminder when he says to get in bed and say your prayers.

I don't know what we'll do if (or when) Santa breaks down. It just won't be Christmas without him.

What do you think, my friends? Hilarious, sweet, creepy, all of the above?

What is your family's quirky decoration that must be displayed every year?

You have to tell me, or I'll send Santa to find you.


  1. Nice footage..! Time to dust off the Christmas decorations.

  2. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I think he's great! My kids would love him. As for our quirky decorations- we have lots of things that make noise (I mean bordering excessive) but the "weirdest" is the a stuffed gingerbread man that sings Christmas carols but then finishes off with kind of a manical laugh. We also have this sleeping Santa thing that my Mom bought me in college. When you press a button he snores, but that stopped long ago. Still he hangs on and the kids think he's cute!
    Merry Christmas from our crazy decorations to yours!
    Mirabella MOM

  3. Micah would have a definite love/hate thing going with him. He's fascinated with animated objects but can't actually bring himself to touch them.

  4. I'll vote sweet with a hint of creepy. And now when Robo-Reading Santa bites the dust the kids can watch your video to remember the good ole days!

    In our house the kitsch item of the Christmas season is a Tigger-in-the-Box. It has a sensor mode so every time you walk into our living room Tigger jumps up and says some little Christmas saying. It works really well as a kid tracking device.

  5. I'm with T, sweet and a bit creepy.

    Ours is a teddy bear that dates back to my childhood Christmas. He plays these monotone Christmas carols and his nose is supposed to light up in time with the songs. However, his chimes have gotten a little rusty and his nose is no longer keeping time with the music. But he's the first thing Bella looks for when the decorations come out. This year someone has misplaced his jaunty little scarf, and there will be no rest until it is found. Not for me, anyway. Sigh.

  6. A 5 foot SINGING Santa... complete with mic privileges.

    Scares the pants off of us whenever we enter the room, esp if one of the kids has turned on the motion activated sensor.

    Anyone have a sledge hammer?

  7. very cute! My kids would enjoy this, except for Tigercub who would be terrified of it because, it is sooo scary! Right up there with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger who made him come out of the high chair at Disney a couple of weeks ago.

  8. Yeah, it's a little creepy. I have a teddy bear with a baby bear on his lap and he "reads" 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. BUT some parts are omitted, which drives me nuts because I had to memorize that poem in school. Little Brother insists on turning it on, several times a day. Might be time for a battery-ectomy.

  9. To think my Santa was scary. I stand corrected.

  10. Anonymous9:18 PM

    it won't play for me :(


    Logan loves everything Christmas! He calls Santa "hoho" which I find amusing!

  11. I actually think the whole thing is very tender...Santa sounds like someone's grandfather.


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