Saturday, November 01, 2008

To The Beggars Go The Spoils

Well, we made it through Halloween night and now we have enough candy to get us through an apocalypse. And really, what better way to face a hypothetical apocalypse than with candy?

The kids, in case you cannot discern this from my mad photography skillz, were SuperGirl, a pensive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a dinosaur, and a disgruntled teddy bear.

But to be totally honest, the kids were most excited about the glow stick necklaces. Humans are powerless to resist the glow stick.

And now I'm off to enjoy a bucketful a handful a modest few two mini Twix bars. Oh, and my extra hour of the day! I plan to use my time wisely by waxing my eyebrows. Talk about scary.

Seriously, Mom? We're doing this whole bear costume thing? Really? Gah.
Nice haul, but what are you kids going to eat?

The motley crew. Not to be confused with Motley Crue. Although it's never too soon to brainstorm for next year.


  1. Um, tell Bun that if that costume was designed to camouflage any figure flaws he might have in the belly area, it's not doing the job!! ;)

    My 3 beggars also got an impressive haul of candy. And best of all, they shared!

  2. The first 2 sentences of your post are pure genius - you got a snort from me =) Your little guys were sure adorable. It looks like fun was had by all except maybe the cute little bear!


  3. I want to SQUEEZE that little bear!!!!

  4. The Pensive TMNT is my favorite. (Not that we have favorites, you know.) Looks like lots o' fun. We may have had a family theme, but you have BUCKETS (plural) full of candy. I think you win! (Not that we have contests, you know).

  5. Too cute! We also have a ridiculous amount of candy around here...however, we go to our church's Fall Fun Fest and Tigerfan and Dancer realized that rock walls, bouncers and horse rides were more fun than candy so we did not bring homw quite as much as in the past! Now, if I can just leave it alone!

  6. I'm glad that Halloween went better for you this year, I remember the rain-drenched fiasco of yours from last year. Scary that I've been reading your blog for that long already...can't get enough of the good stuff, I guess!

  7. GeeGee3:44 PM

    I want copies of all those pictures, please!

  8. It is amazing how much candy they can collect in just a couple hours. It's also amazing how they consider it breakfast, lunch and dinner too!! What a bummer when you have to tell them that they have to eat real food first!!! Take care!


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