Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Know You Live in Eastern PA When . . .

your kids' school has a Phillies red and white accessory dress down day.

Our kids can wear any Phillies accessories they want with their uniforms tomorrow, and I may be strung up for admitting that we had no Phillies accessories. Luckily, our little grocery store in town was selling Phillies hats, so we're covered. They never have half of the grocery items on my list on any given week, but they sure as heck have Phillies hats.

If there are any Tampa Bay fans in our school, they might call in sick tomorrow.

Let's go, Phils!


  1. Luckily we just have to wear red and white tomorrow. That one I could handle since we don't have any Phillies stuff either. The note did make a note of saying NO OTHER TEAM apparel allowed. Thank goodness the grocery store had that stuff. I'm sure you didn't want to run to Target or anywhere else to get stuff (I know I sure didn't)!

  2. We have no Phillies-wear here, even though my younger 2 could wear a Phillies item (or something red). Fortunately our uniforms are red--and it's Gym Day so they're in red sweats.

  3. We have no Phillies wear. BECAUSE WE'RE STEELERS FANS.

  4. I didn't realize your lived in Eastern PA... we lived in Bucks County (Doylestown) for two years and LOVED it... gorgeous up there!

  5. Wow, that's awesome. We have no sports teams locally, so the only dress-down days we get are Halloween and such. We are in Florida, so ostensibly we could be Rays fans, but we're so far away from Tampa that it's not a huge deal around here.

    Interestingly enough, we are huge Penn State fans. My aunt and uncle live in State College and were professors there, and my cousins went to school there, so we became fans via family. There are a ton of pictures of my sisters and myself in front of the Lion Shrine, which is apparently a requirement when you visit there. Go Penn State!

  6. I was so hoping the World Series would be the Phils vs. Bosox. It would have been such a win-win for me.

    But since it isn't my mom has Phillies t-shirts she found at the VF Outlet on their way for Princess and I to safely parade around in front of Red Sox nation. Hee hee!

  7. I am a fellow Eastern PA resident and not only are local schools supporting the Phils BUT the agency I work for is also embracing Phillies spirit- you can wear red and white/Phillies gear on game days. Go PHILS!

  8. Okay...lemme just say I love myself some Phils! And to add to your "You know you live in Eastern PA when..." theme... one of the people to read the starting lineup for the Phillies during the NLCS series against the Dodgers was David Boreanaz, you know, the hunky actor from Bones. Oh, and for those who don't know (which I'm sure are few of you), he's also Dave Roberts the Weatherman's son. So he reads the starting lineup - very well, btw - and then proceeds to say that his wife, son, Dad, Mom and family are in Dodger Stadium to "cheer on the Phils." I cracked a big smile at that. I commented later to Jay that you definitely know he's a true Phillies fan because he referred to them as the Phils. Nobody outside of Phillies fans refers to them as the Phils - everybody else always says Phillies. So super long story short...you know you live in eastern PA when you and many many others are heard yelling 'GO PHILS!'

    oh, and btw, I'm pretty sure that I might now match T and Princess, because GeeGee got us Phillies shirts from VF.


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