Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're Pheelin' It

Hello, Mother Load readers, this is Bun. I'm sure you know me as the charming and delicious baby of the clan, and everything you've heard is true. I am charming and delicious. And also incorrigible, whatever that means.

But enough about me. I wanted to tell you that my mom is a little too tired to post right now because she has caught Phillies Phever. It's a strange illness marked by a quick onset of euphoric feelings, a dramatically increased incidence of replacing the letter "f" with the letters "ph," and occasional sighing, caused primarily by Cole Hamels , who, she says, is cute as a button.

I suspect she contracted this illness sometime last night, although my father seems to exhibit symptoms to a lesser degree. Or in his case, it may only be a sympathy illness and not a true blood-borne pathogen. We all know he suffers from a life long case of New York Syndrome, which is characterized by his innate inability to cheer against any sports teams from New York when they are playing.

I woke up last night feeling pretty hungry -- it takes a lot of milk to keep this snuggle machine going -- and while I laid in my parents bed having my snack, they were watching all these people on television jump around like lunatics. Actually, I think they were lunatics. They were climbing light poles and setting things on fire. I think they may have been in the advanced stages of Phillies Phever, but I don't think my mom has it that bad.

Of course, I could be wrong, because she put a Phillies hat on my head at 10:30 and then made my dad go find the camera. She is usually all about getting me back into bed right away, but last night I had to have a photo shoot first. Can you see how confused I look? Yeah, I thought so.

Luckily, she already seems to be better this morning, which is a good sign, but she still has some flare-ups. Like when she turns on ESPN while she folds the laundry just so she can see the game winning pitch one more time. Did you hear me? I said she voluntarily turned on ESPN! I didn't even think she knew which channel to choose.

Other than the ESPN symptoms, she is doing all right, but I think it's a good thing we don't live down near Philadelphia with the rest of her family. She would be in much worse shape. Hopefully, she can take a nap and sleep it off, or else we might be eating Phillies Phranks and Phries for dinner.

Man, I hope my Dad doesn't have to work late tonight.


  1. I'm suffering a little Phillies Phever too. Which is very dangerous since I now live in the midst of Red Sox Nation.

    But that didn't stop me from sending Princess to school in a cute pink Phillies t-shirt and eating a Healthy Choice Philly Cheese Steak Panini. That'll have to do until I can get the real thing next weekend.

  2. Man, Bun, you need to get tested- YOU ARE VERY GIFTED!!!!

  3. congratulations! We were rooting for the Phillies now that we live 2 miles south of PA. But I would have been rooting for them anyway, Phillies is a much better name.

  4. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Laughing SO hard right now! Cole Hamels IS cute as a button! GREAT POST!!!!

    I think you may be delirious from your cold but, it makes for hilarious posts. We have the phever here too--up late every night that a game is on, etc. Even kept our son up till 10 last night so he could see it. Talk to you soon!


  5. I definitely caught the phever... but that may have something to do with my goal of becoming the phanatic. You'll have to visit my blog sometime in the near phuture aphter I have a chance to post my photos and video shots phrom the phillies champions parade.
    I must confess to running through the streets :D... couldn't help it!


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