Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Brain Drain

So tired.

I feel like I've gotten the one-two knockout punch today, but, if pressed, I doubt I could tell you the series of events that led to this feeling. I mean, I'm pretty sure about a few of them, but even taken together I should be feeling peppier than this.

I always hope that my exhaustion is an undiagnosed thyroid problem because I can also blame that for my slow weight loss. Unfortunately, I think I can blame it less on a bum endocrine system and more on a bum sense of self-control around trans-fats.

I cannot seem to turn my brain off lately, so in an effort to avoid a frontal lobe blow-out, I give you the gift of some of my random thoughts:

1. When you leave a baking dish to soak, you are just delaying the inevitable. You will still have to come back and hack away at the burnt mess, which is now just a slimy mess of food and cold water. And by you, I mean Rob. (He offered because he is a prince among men.)

2. When a college student calls and asks you to participate in a survey in which you need to watch a video, HANG UP ON HIM. I am not an advocate of rudeness, but I am looking out for your mental health. If you do not hang up on him, then you will receive a video that contains the most boring commercials and the most asinine sitcom EVER MADE in the history of television. After you watch the video (and you will because the curiosity will be too much to bear), you will be contacted by a different college student, one who yawns and chews while on the phone with you, and you will be asked an interminable series of questions such as:

"How would you rate the Lite n' Fit Yogurt commercial as relevant to your
life? Would you say it is highly relevant, somewhat relevant, irrelevant, or
highly irrelevant?"

I would say that it was about as relevant as this survey, pal.

3. What is the blog etiquette for borrowing a good layout idea from another blogger? I am digging how Threeundertwo over at Lit and Laundry sometimes responds to her comments. She puts her replies in a lovely little postscript at the end of her new post.

Here's the thing: I appreciate your comments very much, and I always want to comment right back. Since I get my comments through my email, I try to reply through an email if I can. But some of you don't have blogs, and some have the "noreplyblogger" set-up, so I feel like I'm leaving you out. You need to share in the hilarity of my witty repartee! (which is not as witty as some may think) I have tried going back and replying in my own comments, but I'm not sure you all read them again.

What say you, friends of the world wide web?

4. Can I just say how much a stress pimple in your eyebrow really hurts? Man alive, it hurts like a son-of-a-gun! And it's in such a location that I can see it out of the corner of my eye, like a little extra head has sprouted from my eyebrow. I should just put a brown bag over my head and call it quits for the day.

5. When will I learn that a movie based on a novel is rarely ever as good as the novel? Even though the movie has the benefit of a hot Scottish guy? (who make the best Pretend Boyfriends, period. Everyone knows that, right?)

And on that note, I bid you adieu. Nighty-night, my friends.


  1. Anonymous6:08 AM

    I tried to get diagnosed with a thyroid prob too, a few months ago. I was thinking that would be the prob for the slow weight loss too--not the ice cream, french fries, etc. that I eat. I do not have a thyroid prob. I am apparently tired b/c I have 2 crazy boys and I stay up too late!

    One more note--if you live in an area that has Turkey Hill ice cream I HIGHLY recommend the "special edition" Baked Apple Dumpling ice cream! It rocks and it contains apples so...it must be healthy, right? :)


  2. Who needs a story when my PBF is the leading man? I didn't even know there were words (beyond the ones spoken with his fabulous Scottish accent!).

  3. I think it's perfectly OK to use that comment idea if that's what you want to do. I kind of veer between replying by email and replying on the blog, when I remember to reply....but it's all about how the mood strikes me. I too wonder if anyone is going to come back and check to see if I answered. So it sounds like that one blogger has found a good solution.
    Try a little Aquaphor on that stress pimple.
    And I highly recommend Milky Ways, even though they probably do contain many pesky trans fats. Um, yeah. That's the reason for MY slow weight loss even though the "baby" here is 6 1/2.

  4. You're right about the baking dish...but I'm a world class procrastinator so I always do it.

    I enjoyed reading the story of how you met your husband in your previous post. I laughed because my dating experience (i.e. as in non existent) in high school was like yours.

  5. I like to reply in the comments and I usually check back on other people's blogs for a day or two after I have commented to see if the blogger has replied to my witty and insightful comments. The only place i don't check back is the Pioneer Woman. I really don't have the time to read 4987633 comments, including my own. ;)

  6. And I think the only thing worse than an eyebrow pimple is an inside-the-nose pimple. Oy, that hurts.

  7. my mom found an excellent cure for those baking dishes... I'll have to look when I get home tonight to see what the stuff is called. At anyrate, it's this goo that you spray onto the burnt areas and let it sit for 10-15 min (no soaking in water) and then the burnt stuff comes right off (especially easy with one of those brown scrapey things from your dad!)
    The stuff even works on mysterious burnt-beyond-recognition items baked onto the oven!

  8. I've got stress pimples too. For heaven's sake - at our ages this should be banned. Maybe it's that thyroid problem's fault. I've got that, too.

  9. I welcome you to use the comment idea! I'm terrible about keeping up with it though!

    I need to do it more often I think.

    Thanks for mentioning that you got the idea from me.

    And I thought "The Handmaid's Tale" movie was actually an improvement on the book, although I agree movies are seldom as good as the books they're based on.

  10. Ugh. The cold slimy post-soak water. My favorite is when I've done it in a Pyrex dish that spans the upper lip of our sink and then I slosh it all out on the counter when attempting to dump the quagmire in the sink. Ugh.

    LOVE what Three Under Two does with the comments....think it's a great idea.

    Is it too much info to share that I also detest a stress pimple on the underwear line? ;)

    Hope it resolves soon! :)


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