Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo Finish

Oh, my friends, you are in for it now! We got a new little toy for the computer, which I am sure the rest of the world has, but, being us, we are just getting wise to it now.

I now have a scanner-copier-printer-toaster-blender-all-in-one-thingamabob, so be prepared for some interminable posts featuring scrawled, juvenile, messy art projects. And that's not even counting what the kids will want to contribute.

As a test run, I submit to you the evidence that mad scientists have perfected cloning:

Robert, circa 1972

Bun, circa 2008

They are the same, right down to their eggy little brainiac skulls. It's looks like I had nothing to do with Bun, like I was just the pod and Rob self-replicated.
The vagaries of genetics. Weird.
(Any "photo finishers" in your family? Just curious.)


  1. I don't have the photographic evidence, but you know them. I submit for your consideration Scott and Bubba. It really looks like I had nothing to do with that boy, too.

    The Bun/Rob resemblance is striking

  2. It just means that Rob used up all of his genetic contribution in the physical arena so all of Bun's personality will come from you.

    Better start hiding the office supplies now. ;)

  3. Holy moly! Just look at the two of them! I actually thought, until I caught on (because I'm a little slow), that the first picture was just a fuzzy picture of Bun! That's incredible.

  4. i'm sure cornell university will want to study this...
    : )

  5. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Wow! That is crazy!

    People used to ask me if Michael was mine!


  6. Anonymous7:52 PM

    now if he starts asking for peanut butter and cheese.......

  7. I really want a scanner- I want it for my family blog mostly.
    (but I know I could have fun with it on CTM as well.
    I'm not coveting.
    I'm not.
    I am.

  8. We just got one of these "thingamabobs" recently, too. Although your scanner seems so much more crisp and clear than mine!

  9. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Wow! That was kind of 'freaky' since I truly thought the 1st photo was your baby! Definitely a clone! DKLoCh


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