Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It Could Be Worse. I Could Be Addicted to Crack.

This has been a long day. Looooooong.

Fiver had a bad day at school and I was on the phone with his teacher . . . twice.

Sally decided to forgo her nap and then took her resulting bad mood out on everyone else. (I have no idea where she gets that from!!)

Bun thinks it's a great idea to crawl over to our least stable piece of furniture, pull up on it, and then promptly fall over directly onto his face. Repeatedly.

Francie thinks she's fifteen. News flash: You're nine, sister, so get over yourself.

And Rob is logging late hours at the office tonight, so the bedtime dog and pony show is mine. And mine alone.

But this arrived in the mail today, and once the kids are in bed I fully intend to curl up in front of my latest guilty pleasure and get my geek on.

Even though it was a little expensive, I am impressed with what I have seen so far. I have all my most favorite pens and highlighters ready, and my hands are getting a little twitchy just thinking about filling in all my appointments, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Excuse me, I may have to lie down until this little head rush passes.

I know some of you have office supply addictions and you are feelin' me right now, but for those who think I am whack, I ask you:

What unusual thing calms you down or helps you unwind? What's your guilty pleasure?

(keep it clean, this is a family blog!)


  1. Food...chips,dip,anything salty and creamy...

    Oh, and lots of it!

    And beer....

  2. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Ice cream and Gossip Girl. Don't judge me! :) haha


  3. Oooooh, tell me you got the green one! LOVE it...I (like you) get covetous when the kids get their school supplies (where are mine?);)

    A new day-planner, some green LePens and I am a happy girl....

    Yesterday, I actually bought some brightly colored/patterned laminated folders to separate the various paperwork generating gigs I have going on right now...

    Ooooh, and post-it marker tags....

    Better stop. You've got a a friend. :)

  4. I like to read Entertainment Weekly from cover to cover in one sitting. Music, movie, and book reviews and all!

  5. Trips to the library or post office. With the former, I'll check out 12 items- used to read at least a book a day, but now I cram in one movie the day after they're due and then return them all. With the latter, I may just look at the new stamps and leave.

    Well, you said unusual, right?

  6. post-its, kitchen supplies, and gadgets... my newest is a flexible keyboard (exuse the typos, i'm still gtting used to it... defintely going to improve the finger coordination and strength!) ... btw, it's on sale at staples this week!

    how bout a trip to the outlets this weekend? I could pick you up on the way to Tannersville on Saturday (I still have to hceck with JB about the child-sitting)

  7. Oh me, oh my. I am a planner fiend! One year I spent all the money I'd been given for my birthday and bought a planner and laminated shopping and packing lists and routines. I'm as geeky as it gets when it comes to planners and office supplies. Sorry it was such a hard day..."days are long, years are short!"

  8. Yeah, I got a new planner last week too. Not NEARLY as nice as yours, but I'm enjoying it.
    Now all I need is one of those new Sharpie pens that David Beckham is shilling in Real Simple magazine...I just can't justify the $7 for a 6-pack. Why can't I just buy ONE and see if I like it?
    My newest guilty pleasure (and these are SO good) Dove Cranberry Almond Dark Chocolate.

  9. I am so very impressed with this planner!!! I have a regular old monthly calendar that I try to make the best of. I try to use different colors for different kid's stuff. Then there is my own gets VERY messy. This is the best invention EVERY! So glad that you shared this info.

    My weakness? I like to go outside, maybe take the kayak out if the weather is nice. Otherwise, I am right there with the best of them eating chocolate!

  10. This is not going to surprise you at all but my relaxing guilty pleasure is Sudoku puzzles. Yup, number puzzles. I LOVE them. If they are hard enough I have to concentrate on the puzzle so much that I stop thinking about all the other crapola in my life.

    After that I love reading a good, fun but not overly dark or depressing book, crossword puzzles using old fashioned pen and paper or blasting the music when I'm in the car by myself for a little singing therapy.

  11. Went out with a good friend last night for Sangria and garlic bread.

    And lots of chatting.

    Hope your Thursday is better!

  12. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Swoon, girl. I hope you got a matching pen.

    You know mine is Gossip Girl. Preferably with a big glass of cheap wine. (Lisa L, are we twins?)

    And what is this about Bun crawling and pulling up?!

  13. Seinfeld.
    People Magazine.
    Peanut M&M's

  14. The gym is my biggest escape. If I am struggling to breathe then I can't worry about anything else. Besides that I love to escape by watching DIY or reading a book.

  15. 1. Wine
    2. Shopping
    3. Reading
    4. Surfin' the net
    5. Driving really fast with the windows down and the music up - loud (no kids in the car obviously :D)

  16. I am addicted to the same exact thing.

  17. GeeGee1:48 PM

    spending time with my "grands"...the best!

  18. Anonymous9:21 PM

    ----bargains. I just love a good deal on the things we need (clothes, our favorite food(s), necessities of all sorts) and coupons! canNOT get enough of a good deal.

    ------stationery. i love stationery. better yet - finding beautiful stationery at a bargain! that's like double euphoric fun!

    -----party stuff! i love to put together a great themed-party and finding the great stuff at a bargain is double euphoric fun!

    -----love licquor! love red, dry wine. love martinis. and no, i'm not a physical addict, but I do LOVE licquor.



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