Thursday, September 25, 2008

He's Delicious

This is why I get no work done around here.
Well, this and blogging. And Facebook.
" Nobody puts Baby in a corner". Except his mom.

But then Baby comes out of the corner gunning for her.

And he gets all up in her grill.

And he says, "Feelin' lucky, Mama?"

"Yeah. I didn't think so."


  1. This was awesome and cute and scrumptious. More pictures of Bun!

  2. Loved seems like he could have been thinking those captions. :) Too funny!

  3. He is too cute! When my baby boy gets angry with me he says "you go night-night....NOW!" or he says "quiet, mommy!". It is SO hard not to laugh out loud. They are too funny!
    (note the newly created log-in) :)

  4. Those are some real pinchable cheeks! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great baby blues.

  6. It seems like you were lucky to escape unscathed. Too cute!

  7. look at how much hair he has now!!!!

  8. GeeGee2:13 PM

    He's my wild little Scotsman. I love it when he comes right at my face with his blue/blue/Blue! eyes sparkling...he grabs my cheeks and kisses/bites my chin as he breaks into a huge it!

  9. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Well, you simply cannot resist that bundle of cuteness.

  10. Anonymous3:13 PM

    He is too Cute!
    Sorry I haven't commented lately out computer crashed like 2 weeks ago and it has taken a while to get our technology straightened out.
    Loved catching up with the blog though this weekend.
    Mirabella MOM
    PS we are doing our first trip to the apple orchard this week!

  11. Do you SEE that handsome face he has? Wow, what a cutie.

  12. He's too cute! And facebook is sucking me in. I swore I would never join that but I had to for work and now I'm addicted. One.More.Timesuck.I.Didn't.Need.


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