Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogging Is Educational ***

It's 11:21 pm and Rob just got paged into the hospital for a delivery. Gah.

At least I get the whole bed to myself, which, as much as I love my husband, I must admit is a treat to me. Of course, I also get all the nighttime wake-ups and the morning circus all to myself, too.

Thankfully, Laura tagged me for a meme, so I have something more than whine and cheese to offer you.

What 5 Things Have I Learned From Blogging?:

1. The sea is so big and my boat is so small: This may sound naive (and it is), but I had no idea that there were so many blogs out there. I think a blog must exist for just about every possible topic under the sun. Need to find out about a weird fungus on your left baby toe? Google it. I'm sure there's a blog. I am but a blip on the blog radar. Knowing this keeps me honest. And humble.

2. My corner of the blogosphere is the best: Mom blogs, and those who frequent them, are generally some of the nicest and most helpful blogs you'll ever stumble across. Need advice? Just ask. Need the best way to get tempura paint out of a white shirt? Check your email. Need a recipe using only two pounds of ground beef and sweet gherkins? Dinner's served. With a very few exceptions, most people just want to lend you a hand if you'll let them. It's why the bulk of my blog subscriptions are written by women/moms.

3. Humble pie: Whenever I start feeling like my blog is pretty keen, that's invariably the moment I find a blog that blows mine out of the water. Better writing, better look, better connections, tons of visits, etc. . . Blogging is my way of decompressing, of letting the steam escape before anyone at The HomeFront gets hurt. It is not a full time job for me, nor should I treat it as such.

4. Honesty is the best policy: I've learned that I can't be someone I'm not when I'm writing. I mean, I'm sure I could try to mimic another style if I tried really hard, but we all know that you can only keep that going for so long. The truth will out, especially when you are writing often, so it's best to be myself. Warts and all.

5. Everybody's got a story that will break your heart: The truth is that we've all gotten a piece of tough luck pie at some point in our lives. Some people get bigger pieces than others. Some people get the whole dang pie. It doesn't pay to ever feel sorry for myself. If I am having a craptastic day, I like to vent and move on, because it only takes about three clicks of the mouse to find someone who has it a whole lot worse.

And now I tag: T With Honey; Nothing, Really; Praying for Grace; RC Mommy; One More Equals Four

And now I'm off to sleep. Perchance to dream. But definitely to be woken up by a bathroom emergency that is not of my own making.

*** As you can see, I didn't even publish this last night because I fell asleep at the laptop. That is just straight-up sad.


  1. I'd better get crackin' on these memes. I still haven't gotten around to the last one you tagged me for. Of course, this one is a little simpler since it doesn't involve coming up with a creative way of putting a picture of Princess and I together on my blog while remaining mysteriously semi-anonymous.

    It's a good thing I love a challenge!

  2. I just did this meme, too, and I love your big sea/small boat analogy. And you're right . . . it keeps me humble, too.

    BTW, I loved you comment over at my place about your Italian grandmother and her MANGIA! method to ensure silence. I have used this very recently: I carpool in the afternoon and have a van full of boys; add to that one noisy four-year-old and my nerves are on edge by the time we get home. So here was my solution: I decided to bring snacks in the car, and it's amazing how much quieter it is when they are all so busy eating. Silence is golden and Italian Nonnas are so very wise.

  3. Nice.
    Clear- focused- clever...that's you.

  4. Thanks for always remembering me. I loved reading about what you learned...I could just copy and paste it and put it on mine..but I won't because that would be wrong! I will work on this this week. In case you haven't noticed, I am having a little trouble doing all things bloggy right now. I am also having trouble remembering when FB has drama pratice, that I am supposed to bring breakfast to the college S.S. class, etc! Have a great one, get some rest!

  5. Whoohoo! I'm with you on the Mom Blog thing. So many helpful women out there who are always ready to lend a few "fingers".
    I just wrote a post recently on how I don't think it's so bad to be "mom". :) I hope you didn't stay asleep on the laptop and let that entire empty bed go to waste!

  6. I've given you the Laptop Award over at my place... stop on by to pick it up!

  7. Here, here on the Mama-blogger coalition of positivity!

    And regarding your #3? YOURS is one that blows me out of the happy to have found you!

    Great lessons learned. :)

  8. Thanks for these gems. I am constantly gobsmacked (word of the day) with the creativity we moms muster after wiping noses, butts and counters.

    As for me, I'm trying to drum up some lat minutes entries for my October contests. I've got 1-2-3-4 fashion-themed giveaways running at

    Contests all end tonight. There's even one just for moms--win a Lucy Activewear Breast Cancer awareness tee. Here's that link:


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