Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Wealth of Quirkiness

Laura has saved me from back-to-school laundry, and some resultant bloggers block, by tagging me for a 6 Quirky Things Meme.

There is a wealth of information when it comes to my quirkiness, but these are the six that I could think of quickly. Well, these are the first six that I thought of and will admit to, that is.

  1. If I love a particular team or athlete, then I automatically feel like I am jinxing them by wanting them to win. In order to counteract that jinx, I have to not watch them perform. I will turn on the game, but I have to act like I am disinterested or, better yet, ignore the whole thing and let Rob fill me in on what's happening. That's how I "watched" all of the Olympic swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, etc. . . And that's how I always watch my beloved Penn State Nitanny Lions.
  2. I do my level best to prevent sunburn, but, should a sunburn occur, I have a compulsion to peel the dead skin. I find it very therapeutic, and the bigger the piece I can peel off, the better I like it.
  3. I always like to sit on the same side of my church. I don't have a particular pew, but I have to go to the far left, halfway up the church. I feel like I'm in a different church when I sit on the right side.
  4. I watch infomercials. It drives Rob crazy, but I get sucked in very easily. I am happy to say that I have never bought anything from an infomercial, but if you need to know any product information for mineral makeup, convection roasters, steam mops, or facial buffers, I'm your girl.
  5. I have washed my face before bed every single night for many years. I have never ever gone to bed wearing any kind of makeup, no matter what. I even made sure my face was clean when I was in labor. It may be bordering on some kind of obsessive disorder now.
  6. I always break the rules of memes. For instance, I am not tagging anyone specific for this one because it is almost midnight and I am about to turn into a pumpkin if I don't go to bed. If you want to do this one, run with it, my friends.

There you have it, more things about me that you never wanted to know.

But stay tuned because my two year bloggiversary is right around the corner and I'm thinking that calls for a giveaway. I don't know what it will be, but doesn't that make it more fun?


  1. I peel my skin too and I seriously poke at any blisters I have. If I have a mosquito bite? I extend its life by months by "messing' with it.
    Good quirks- especially the washing of the face!!! I need that one.

  2. I love infomercials too! My husband loves to make fun of me and unfortunately in my younger more naive years I actually bought a few things. Live and learn!

  3. At times I think I am responsible for the NE Patriots not winning the SuperBowl. After their undefeated season and playoff run I just had to watch the game. At times I would leave the room hoping they would score or prevent the Giants from scoring.

    But I watched the last 10 minutes (football minutes which is like an hour in real time) and doomed them to losing.

  4. Go Penn State!

    My husband got a sunburn the other day when he was out fishing and I spent a good, solid hour on the sofa peeling his head. I loved it. It was coming off in these huge pieces. It was great. So I'm right there with you.

  5. I get wrapped up in the infomercials, too! Never made a purchase, but get pulled regardless.

    Love your quirks!

  6. We compete over here to see who gets to peel sunburnees! (I guess that's kinda sick, isn't it?)


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