Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Apparently We Can Wean Him Off of the Miracle-Gro

Bun had his six month check-up today and he has grown some.

He now weighs 20 pounds, 3.5 ounces and he is 29 inches long. No wonder my arms hurt at the end of the day!

He has surpassed all the other children at their six month marks, with Sally being the closest at 18 pounds. Sally, who is now the over-three-foot-tall two year old who weighs only 7 pounds less than her almost six-year old brother.

And here I was worried about him being the runt when he was born. Heh.

Feed me, woman! It takes a lot of sweet potatoes to keep up my fightin' weight!


  1. It looks almost like the sweet potato color is going straight to his hair. Is it my imagination or the picture or is her turning into a red head?

    At least a strawberry blonde, perfect for summer.

  2. He's gonna be a biggun'! What cutie, though.

  3. What a big boy! My 16 month old STILL hasn't hit 20 pounds, and she eats all day long. Good thing she's a girl;)

  4. He's so cute. And big! I don't think Butterfly will be close to that at her six month appt. But none of my kids ever are. You can say that carrying him around counts as some of your exercise, right?

  5. Anonymous8:48 PM

    He knows what he is in for when you stop defending him as the "fragile baby". He is doing some push ups and sit ups in the crib before you come in to get him. He knows he needs to bulk up for the wrestling in his future!

    -Lisa L

  6. Bubba tipped the scales at 18lbs and 27 inches. That Bun is a big guy! My theory on why they are so big is that they have to be nice and sturdy so they can handle all the stuff their siblings do to them. Of course, Bun has a lot more siblings that Bubba, and maybe your kids are better than mine, but Bella has tested him more than once ("Oops, Mom, I dropped Bubba, but he's OK"). He sure is a handsome guy!


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