Thursday, April 03, 2008

Where Did The Week Go?

Did you miss me? Huh? Well did you? Probably not, and that's all right. I understand that you have, you know, lives to live and other blogs to read when I drop off the face of the planet. It's good to diversify. At least that's what our financial planner tells me.


You know how they say "if you lie down with dogs you'll get fleas"?

Well, you can use that adage to describe my house, if you replace dogs with my kids and fleas with the snottiest nose in the history of the world.

Bun turned two months old this week, and he has his first cold, courtesy of his brother and sisters. They are firm believers in sharing the love. I really shouldn't be surprised, not after I caught Sally licking Bun full on the face. We couldn't have delivered the germs more effectively had we shot them up his nose with a syringe.

The poor little guy is awash in mucus, just in time for his well baby visit tomorrow. I guess I should call it his "Well-he-went-and-got-himself-sick-, Baby" visit. And don't think for one minute that this kid will not be jacked up on infants Tylenol since he is also due for a visit from the Vaccine Fairy. It will be good times, my friends.

Maybe I'll be back tomorrow with something more interesting (and I use that word in the loosest interpretation possible).

Then again, Rob is working late, so don't hold your breath.

And PS: Happy Birthday, GeeGee! We have nothing to give you but the common cold, but that does not diminish our love for you!


  1. Happy Birthday Gee Gee! It was so good to see you last weekend!

    Also, the Bun could have gotten that cold from any of the people who were clamoring to hold him last Sunday. It might not be all good ol' Sally's fault (But honestly, licking him on the face? Did he have chocolate pudding on his cheeks?)

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Bun is so incredibly adorable with those cute cheeks that you honestly can't blame Sally for licking him... even if he didn't have chocolate pudding all over them. ;)

    And this kind of non-stop craziness is why you never have to feel guilty about not being free with the comment lovin' on my blog, Aim. Even though I <3 comments an extra hit on my blog stats when you stop by to read is enough for me. I know that you have more important things (and humans) to attend to.

  3. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Bun is just building immunity so he doesn't have one sick day in kindergarten. Oh the sweet freedom in just 5 years (or 6 depending on your state's cutoff).

    Perhaps it's time to invest in flea dip. Or wine. Something anyway.

  4. You know, I'm not sure they will administer those shots if he has a cold. You might want to call the doctor to see. Save you a trip if this is the case.

    I hate those 1st colds when they are so little. The day I brought #3 home from the hospital, #2 had a horrible cold. Inevitably, #3 had it within the WEEK. 1 WEEK old and already snotty. Not fun. Good luck and my thoughts are with you and your newest Bun. :o)

  5. GeeGee4:42 PM

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I celebrated this year by sharing Bun's cold. JuJu has it too. So I guess the whole family is "sharing the love"...I know you are keeping his airways as clear as possible,so once he dries out he should be happier...My gal Sal did it again--she makes me LAUGH OT LOUD...Maybe she was being Mama Cat to little Bun or maybe he just tastes good!...

  6. Licked him on purpose? did he have something yummy there?


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