Monday, March 17, 2008

All the Cuteness the Postal Service Has to Offer

I got a treat in the mail this weekend in the form of some very cute shirts for Francie and Sally. A vast improvement over the bills that usually show up, I must say.

These shirts were designed and made by Karen over at The Rocking Pony. In addition to her amusing blog, Karen runs an Etsy shop, also named The Rocking Pony. Plus she has four kids and about eleventy jillion cute dogs, so how she finds the time to make all these clothes is beyond me. I'm still writing myself notes on the bathroom mirror so that I won't forget to brush my teeth.

The Rocking Pony provides "modern, trendy gear for hip little ones," and all I can say is that Karen's stuff is cute, cute, cute. Think expensive boutique baby items at a fraction of the price -- and handmade by a mom to boot!

She does everything: shirts, blankets, custom crib bedding, fabric toys, bibs, burp cloths, and a sweet little number called an Essential Diaper Case (anyone who has kids who've outgrown the giant diaper bag, but still need to carry a diaper will love this.)

Karen wanted to incorporate more girly designs into her catalog, since she was mostly showing more boyish items (although that's a nice change from the girl-centric clothing at every other store), and I was only too happy to volunteer my girls as guinea pigs. Karen's shirts are better than what they are wearing right now. I mean, Sally's been running around in midriff shirts for the past few weeks because I am too busy (and too cheap) to buy her new shirts before the season changes. So what if she had a growth spurt.

The great thing about The Rocking Pony is that it's all custom made. As Karen says:
"The great thing about handmade is that I can customize it. Please feel free to ask me to make something in another color, style or even to make your ideas come to life." I told her told her that my girls liked horses and I gave her their sizes, and voila! a box of cuteness appeared at my doorstep.

(Sorry about the awful picture of Francie's shirt - my camera is enduring a slow, torturous Death By Ferocious Toddler):

And as you can see by the first picture, Karen threw in an adorable ice cream cone onesie for Bun. It's so sweet that I cannot be held responsible if I actually lick him while he is wearing it (plus, I am highly untrustworthy around ice cream of any kind. I love it immoderately.)
You should get over to Etsy and check out her shop, if not for your own little ones, then for a sweet, personalized gift. I know I'll be there since Fiver has now put in a request for a shirt of his own. Plus, how cute are these? (Oh, Lord, please tell St. Anthony to hold off on helping me find my credit card until after the paycheck.)
Thanks, Karen!!


  1. very very cute shirts!

    btw, I totally stole that cowbell button you have up top. My blog needs more cowbell too.

  2. Aren't you the sweetest? Thanks for the shout-out. I appreciate it. I couldn't leave Bun out, but now I feel horrible that I've forgotton someone. Maybe he can have the wash cloths?

    Because we all know how much boys like to get clean. *ahem*

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    If you're not careful your house will be overflowing with clothing sent my people that read your blog!

    I saw Francie's shirt and thought "that's perfect for her!!" They are going to look so cute in those shirts.

  4. I must agree with the cowbell statement - Hubbers loves that skit!

    Those shirts are so cute. I had to go over and check out that etsy site while I was in the middle of reading. My daughters agree and wish they were smaller and could get some of them horsie shirts.


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