Friday, January 11, 2008


Some things I learned on my 32nd birthday:

  • Don't cut off all your hair when you are almost 9 months pregnant. Even though it will look really cute at the salon, you will look like a pinhead when you try to do it yourself.
  • A stomach virus in your 5 year old and your 18 month old does not a happy afternoon make. Especially a stomach virus that is not characterized by a diminished appetite, just inordinate amounts of time spent diligently wiping other people's bottoms.
  • No matter how old you are, it still makes you feel special when your mom makes your birthday cake. Especially if you haven't lived with your mom for ages and she bakes you a cake and brings it to your house for you.
  • You will pass a point in life when, for most of the day, you will actually forget that it is your birthday.
  • A full can of soup dropped from a height of approximately four feet will create a spectacularly dramatic splatter pattern on a clean kitchen floor. And you will be powerless not to cry about it.
  • A card made by your children is always a thousand times better than anything they could have purchased at a store.
  • One quiet dinner with your husband at a nice restaurant is really enough to make you forget that you haven't been out on a date with your husband for many months.
  • Even a wonderful birthday is not enough to keep you from feeling a little bummed out when you have an ultrasound and find out that your previously vertex baby is now floating around in a lovely transverse/oblique position.
  • Your children will never cut you any slack. At least until you die or they have their own children, and even then it's iffy.


  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Happy Birthday- you deserve a great day(s).
    Mirabella MOM
    PS- hope bun swims back the other way- I'll say a prayer.

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Doesn't every pregnant woman chop her hair off at some point?

    Plenty of time for that baby to put his/her head down, but I'll say a prayer just in case.

    Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    As for Bun - well there is still plenty of time (and room right with all your roundness) for him/her to swim the other way. Just have a few chocolate bars and then lay down so Bun can swim around and around and around :). I'll keep you in my thoughts!

  4. Hope your birthday was a good one!! Praying that Bun decides to head in the opposite direction :)

  5. Happy belated birthday! It's funny, I was considering getting a haircut (I currently have hair that is down to my lower back, not out of desire but sheer laziness and indecision on a hairstyle) but after reading your blog I think I'll hold off. I'm sorry about the position switch - that really stinks, but here's hoping Bun moves into the right position again soon. Keep the faith - not too much longer!

  6. Your mom made and delivered a cake to you! That's awesome!!

    Do you know what makes an even better splatter pattern when dropped from 4ft? oatmeal

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Sweetie! i was thinking of you, but our internet access is iffy at best (stinkin' wireless crapola!)
    That was awesome of your mom to bake you a cake...and even more awesome that she brought it to you!
    i'll keep you and Bun in my thoughts...i'm sure he/she will right him/herself in time for the big event!

  8. Happy Birthday! You'll figure the hair out, and it will be lovely. Having lived with short hair for years, I think it is the greatest thing, but I'm used to it. Hope the baby turns around again. I can't wait to hear of the arrival of the newest one.

  9. Great observations. I missed it, but Happy Birthday!

    That little Bun will switch -- I hope. If all else fails, lay (for many hours) with your bottom above your head (not upside down -- just some pillow props). It's a good excuse to have a movie marathon.


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