Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What the Wise Men Brought

The Nativity: A Stream of Consciousness Narration
by Fiver

Fiver: Hey Mom? Mom? I am going to play with my new Lego Activity (Nativity) Set. You know the one? The Activity with Baby Jesus and the camel? I'm going to play with that now. Oh Baby Jesus, You are here in Your hay, and Your mother is here with her donkey. I think she should get to ride the camel, but that camel goes with the three wise kings. And here is the angel. Why is the angel holding a wand? Mom? Why does this angel have a magic wand? Angels don't have wands with stars on top, right? Oh, I broke it apart. Don't worry I can get it. Oh, no I can't. It won't go back in. It won't . . . I am going to just put the wand here in the stable with the cow and the sheep because they can see it then. Here is the Baby Jesus and He is sleeping in the hay. Three wise kings are coming to visit Him soon because they have to. And they get to ride Mary's camel because they are bringing things for Jesus and they can't carry it all. (voice lowers an octave) Oh Baby Jesus, it is nice to see that You are born. We brought You some presents. Would You like your chips now? How about some chips? (voice raises) Oh no thank you. I already had some chips so I'm set. (voice lowers) But we brought them for You. We brought them on a camel. (voice raises) But I'm not really supposed to have chips anyway. (lower) Oh, well then we will just leave them in the stable with the cow and the donkey and the angel's magic wand. (higher) OK, thanks kings. It was nice to see you. Can my mother ride your camel? (lower) Sure. We don't need it anymore. Mom? I'm done and I'm going to play with trucks now.

So there you go. This just confirms my long-held belief that some good chips are worth their weight in gold.

And frankincense and myrrh, apparently.


  1. That is so sweet. I can totally hear his little voice saying all of that too!!!

  2. That was great! So... What kind of chips were those anyway? They must have been pretty good.

  3. That's just too adorable!

    And were those good chips Good's chips?

  4. ROFL!! Little Brother also calls his Playmobil set an "Activity Scene."

  5. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Hey, chips- can't go wrong with a gift like that.
    Did you get our nativity pic? Maybe the chips were a side for the hamburglar's gift.
    Have a great holiday.
    Mirabella MOM

  6. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Personally, I think that they were Dead Sea Salt & Vinegar.

    Dad o' Fiver


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