Monday, November 19, 2007

Global Warming?

Well, here we are. We are still home at eight in the morning because we have a two hour delay. Because of snow. Before Thanksgiving.

The kids are beside themselves with joy, and I am just beside myself. I was caught unprepared in the hat/mitten/boots department, and my children have not missed a minute of bringing that maternal shortcoming to my attention.

We could go out on the driveway, if we had boots and mittens. You know, the ones Mom forgot to buy. So you've got to go out in your too-small sneakers that are nowhere near water-tight. Sue me. At least you're not going out in your Crocs, which are the only other shoes you own (besides the sacred school shoes).

And another thing, if you are under the impression that I am running out to the mall for boots and snow pants after I drop you two monkeys off at school, you better think again. I'm not heading to the mall when LL Bean has their free shipping mojo going down. You can just wait three to five days like the rest of us.

Besides the weather man says that in three days it's going to be fifty-five degrees out again, so you don't really need the boots right now anyway.

Of course this is also the same weather man who did not breathe one word of impending snow all weekend, but I guess you can never tell when an Alberta Clipper will clip you.

Where is my hot chocolate?


  1. We usually wear pass-me-downs for a while until I get organized enough to buy new. Which means, of course, that my daughter always gets boy colored things to pass on down.

  2. Oh, I wish I could take you shopping at our local LL Bean Outlet stores. They have quite a few coat, snow pants, gloves and boots from last year in stock. I cried when we stopped in after I ordered Princess's coat. She walked in wearing her $60 periwinkle parka and I found last year's turquoise model hanging there for $34.

    Periwinkle is worth an additional $26, right?

  3. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Don't feel bad, caught us unprepared too! We had the hats and mittens, but no boots; Okay well, one child had boots because last year's still fit, but not the other two.
    Stay warm!
    -Mirabella MOM

  4. You mean I'm not the only one who calls her kids "monkeys?"

    Just picked up the snow pants at Target today, because we will be going to the Great White North (Sussex County, NJ) for Thanksgiving. Therefore, I must be prepared. Only one child has snow pants that fit. Of course, they last forever here, because this close to the equator, we only need to wear them three times per winter.

  5. i wish i had a two hour delay!! I miss those days... now I just have a two hour traffic delay which makes me two hours late for work... and I don't even have boots with enough insulation to keep my poor little tootsies warm for more than an hour... bring on the toe warmer shakem packs (or whatever those things are called)

    I better go shopping!

  6. although i don't blame global warming, we're a balmy 78 degrees here today. by turkey day, we'll be back to a more reasonable 60. gotta love fall in houston.

  7. I remember getting out of ABE just before the Massive snow storm hit in early Jan of 96. My cousin's wife is a critical care nurse (at the time, anyway) and an armored vehicle from the National Guard had to pick her to get her in to work for a few days during the worst of it.

    63F and holding....

  8. My kids look a little like scarecrows with a mis-match of hats, gloves, scarves, boots....most the wrong size. I dread the job of sorting through it all.


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