Thursday, August 02, 2007

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Well, I'm not really sure if you actually like me, but I did win an award! I am immoderately excited by this for some reason, and I take my kudos where I can get them, my friends. Muddy Mama over at Muddy Bathwater has given me the Blogger Reflection Award. This comes as a surprise since I was sure that if I ever won some kind of award it would be something like The Whiniest Blogger, The Most Erratic Commenter, Worst Bedhead, The Blogger Who Doesn't Floss Enough (which I was already told at the dentist's office yesterday, so you can save that award, thanks).

Instead, I find a little comment in my box that leads me to this:

"I'm sending this over to Aimee at The Mother Load. Oh my goodness, can she make me laugh! I enjoy the way she takes the ups and downs of everyday with a tall glass of humor"

I don't know what to say! Wait, yes I do.

First, I'd like to thank all the little people. Seriously. Without the little people, I don't know what this blog would be. Maybe boring, maybe fantastically exciting, maybe non-existent, but certainly not what it is with all these little people around. God bless 'em.

Second, I'd like to thank Muddy Mama for this award. I like visiting her and her "muddy babies" - and not just because two of her children happen to have the same names as two of my children (but which ones? I'll never te-elll . . .)

Third, I'd like to . . . wait is that music cued up over my acceptance speech? How rude! I bet they wouldn't do that to Julia Roberts. Fine, I'm moving on.

It seems that I must now pass the Blogger Reflection Award along to five (only five, sheesh!) of my favorite reads. This is very hard for me because I am the girl who is always worried that she is offending or excluding someone, but rules are rules and they say FIVE. Just remember that I love you all, and I would pick you if I could.

  1. DeeDee at It Coulda' Been Worse. Boy, can this lady tell a funny story, and it makes me so happy to know that other people's children are caught licking inappropriate things, or that at least one other woman will have no qualms about digging cookies out of the trash. Get over there and read. And you might want to make sure you have an empty bladder.

  2. T from T With Honey. T and I go way back. I mean all the way back to first grade. Talk about old school . . . I love to read T's accounts of life with Honey and Princess, but what I like best are the posts where she talks about our grade school experiences. It's nice to know that all that crazy stuff really happened and it's not just me.

  3. Barb at SFO Mom. Her Monday menus are what my kids wish they were eating, if only I would stop reading blogs and get my act together. Plus, she was one of the first-ever commenters on my blog. I have a soft spot for those who got in on the ground floor.

  4. 4 and Counting. I read this blog almost every day, and I always find myself nodding. I don't know what this means for your sanity, 4 & C, but carry on, my friend.

  5. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Ree is in the big leagues of blogging. (Come to think of it, so is DeeDee, for that matter) She has a massive reader base, and for good reason. Her stories of life on the ranch, her amazing photos, her delicious recipes, and her earthy sense of humor make this a must-read for me. She doesn't even know I'm alive, but her site is just plain good.

Done! My selections have been rendered with only two three days of pathetic indecision. I know, my friends, I may have some issues. And now I'm off to read all the blogs I couldn't pick, just to prove my devotion.


  1. Hey thanks! You're sweet. And I have no worries about my sanity--I said my goodbyes long ago. ;-)

    I'm still thinking on the Jesus meme, but I promise I will do it. Of course, now I have the fun task of sharing the award love.

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

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  3. Cuing the awards music and cheering wildly from the audience!


  4. Jeepers creepers. Thank you!!! And congratulations to you, missy! I love being thought of as the queen of inappropriate posts. Makes my hemorrhoids happy. (Yes, I spell checked it.) Who knew? :)

  5. Wow! Congratulations, Aimee! I'm guessing that "all the little people" would be the wonderful children that give you interesting moments in life to blog about. ;)

    And, Wow! Thank you!!! I can't believe you picked me for a blog award. You were the first friend to ever invite me to a birthday party* and now you give me my first blog award. You're such a sweetheart!!

    * My mom remembers this little fact because I wanted to get you one of those custom iron-on decal t-shirts from the mall. Remember, you could pick out a decal of some cartoon character and get it put on a shirt. It was also a very popular thing to have your name put across the top of the back of the shirt. I wanted this option for your t-shirt present so mom, being very paranoid about not spelling your name correctly, took the invitation with us to the mall. I wish I could remember what character I had pick out for that shirt (Smurf, Strawberry Shortcake or maybe Miss Piggy or Kermit after the puppets our first grade teacher kept and used in our classroom).

  6. Thank you so much :)

  7. CONGRATS!!! Good choices in the awards.


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