Friday, July 20, 2007

On A Break

We've had a busy week here at The HomeFront, and I'm wiped out. Baby Girl fought a nice case of roseola, but the roseola won in the end. This morning she finally seems to be rash-free, so the kids can stop pointing at her and saying "Unclean! Unclean!"

We also had The Boy's swallowing study and MRI of the brain, and although both came back with pretty good results (or at least not anything we didn't already know), it has been exhausting for all of us. I think it's safe to say that we are happy to be done with the hospital for a little while, although I'm sure you'll end up hearing more about our adventures in later posts.

And so all of this babbling is just my long-winded way of saying we are hitting the road. Only for the weekend, but that is just about long enough for us. We're heading out to Hershey where Rob and I will see The Police in concert tonight, and then we will take the kids to the Hershey Chocolate Factory tomorrow. The kids chose the chocolate factory over the amusement park, and we are delighted to indulge them - and not just because the chocolate factory is cheaper, air-conditioned, and laden with flowing rivers of molten chocolate. Oh, wait. I think I'm having one of those Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka flashbacks again. At any rate, it's off to Chocolate Town we go.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I wonder if you could do me a little favor and wish my parents a happy anniversary. Thirty three years ago today - Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


  1. Happy Anniversary to Aimee's Mom and Dad!

    The Police! I am so jealous. I hope it is fantastic. The chocolate factory is just the icing on the cake.

  2. awww...i'll be in Harrisburg *next* weekend- too bad i couldn't see ya.
    have fun!
    much love...

  3. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!

    Have a great weekend. Sounds like a fun time will be had by all! Of course, how can you go wrong with anything that involves CHOCOLATE! ;)

  4. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Happy Anniversary to Your Mom and Dad!

    Enjoy the concert and the factory!!!!!!!


  5. Have a safe trip and eat some chocolate for me :)

  6. Happy anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. S.! Have a great time in Hershey, especially at the concert.

  7. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Thank you one and all for your good wishes on our anniversary.I just want all of you beautiful young women to know that the years just fly by...enjoy every minute with your husbands and grow together. Make sure you address your problems verbally, learn how to argue well,laugh as often as possible, and learn to accept your mate with all those little annoying behaviors (which increase by number and degree as they enter late middle age!)Love one another and teach your children well...MOM

  8. Have fun at the Police Concert. We're going to see Josh Groban when he's in Hershey.

    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!

    Enjoy the Chocolate Factory! I'm planning on taking my kids there for a *field trip* after we've read a mystery chapter book that takes place in Hershey.


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