Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Everybody's A Critic

I will admit that I am not the best cake decorator out there, not even close, but I put my heart into it, and the kids always ask me for a homemade birthday cake. That's part of the allure of a birthday here at The HomeFront Corp: the birthday employee gets to pick the special meal, and gets a homemade cake decorated to their specifications (as much as humanly possible). We even have a kids' cake book to give them ideas for inspiration - and to give me a rough template.

This year, Older Girl picked out the Panda Head cake, which, to my delight, looked much easier than the Pony Head cake she picked last year. A simple round cake, cupcakes for the ears, white and chocolate frosting, candy for embellishment and I'm home free.

I finished decorating the cake, and I sat it on the counter next to the cookbook to make sure I had hit all the decorating highlights. The Boy wandered in and looked at the cake, and then at the picture of the (allegedly) same cake in the book. I made the mistake of asking what he thought:

Hmm . . . he said thoughtfully, What is this book for?

Well, that's a picture for Mommy to follow when I'm decorating the cake.

Oh, that's the picture of your cake? How come it doesn't look the same? Yours looks . . . sad.

Thanks, kid, I can always count on you to keep me humble.
And he's right, mine did look sad.

(I don't have a scanner, so there is no picture from the cookbook for comparison. Yup, no scanner. I'm broken up about that)


  1. Even though it is a sad face it is still cute.

    And I think if you simple center the pupil and iris in the eye area and turn the red licorice into a smile you'd have the perfect, happy, birthday panda cake.

  2. LOL -- kids tell it like it is, huh?

  3. Want to see sad?

    How about birthdays with no cakes? :)

    "A" for effort.

    "M" for margarita's cheering that effort.

  4. I guess I'd look sad too if someone was going to eat me!
    It doesn't look all THAT sad. I think it's adorable! Kind of a puppy dog eye thing going on.
    The fact that YOU made it instead of the kid in the bakery at Giant makes all the difference.

  5. So cute. And pandas have kind of sad faces, I think. You're a good mommy for the effort.

  6. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Hey I Like the cake- I would not be able to even come close.


  7. I think it looks cute!! Since I have to make the Little Man's birthday cakes I can totally sympathize with you on this one.
    A for effort and the best part is that it was made with love :)

  8. It is cute - I like T's ideas. Tipping the red licorice up would make him happier looking. I let (make) Hubbers do the birthday cakes around here. I just bake...


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