Saturday, July 07, 2007

Join the Team

Many times, when I am complaining too much about trivial things, God will send me a reminder that I should shut my mouth. This is one of those times. While listening to the kids cry waiting for the kids to fall asleep in the hotel, I was checking up on all my favorite blogs and I found this little post on T With Honey. There is a fellow blogger out there, and a fellow Mom, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and while she's just one of many blogging mothers who are facing cancer or some other kind of life-altering illness, WhyMommy, of Toddler Planet has asked for our help in the form of positive, supportive comments, thoughts, and prayers. To that end, Team Whymommy has been formed as a wall of support for her and I'm joining. The only thing you have to do is send WhyMommy a supportive comment or fifty while she prepares to undergo her treatments. So easy, but so important. Let's show WhyMommy that we are rooting for her, and encourage her in her fight. Won't you join with me?

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