Wednesday, July 11, 2007

High School Spirit

I saw this meme over at Bub and Pie and then again at Serving the Queens, and I was powerless to resist. Something about re-hashing what are arguably my most embarrassing formative years called to me. I am the person who relives conversations years later, when I have finally figured out how to come away from a confrontation sounding devastatingly brilliant, so I think this meme must have been designed for people like me. Here goes:

1. Who was your best friend?
It's interesting that the people I was with the most in high school are the people I met in grade school, and they are the ones I still talk to today. Meg, Kim, and T. There were other members of our group in high school, but I haven't kept in contact with them.

2. Did you play any sports?
You may be shocked to learn that I did not play any sports, other than those that were forced upon us during gym. I was, however, an athletic supporter.

3. What kind of car did you drive?
I was that friend. You know the one - the one who doesn't drive during high school and needed her licensed friends to drag her all over for play practice and yearbook. Thanks Kim. Thanks T.

4. It's Friday night. Where were you?
I was at home. Or, just for kicks and book money, I was babysitting. And I was the dream babysitter who would have all the kids in bed, the house straightened up, and the dishes done, and then, when asked what I wanted to be paid, was so uncomfortable dealing with adults and money that I would just mumble something like "oh, whatever" and smile and take the ten dollars for watching four children into the wee sma's.

5. Were you a party animal?
What? People had parties in high school? Oh.

6. Were you considered a flirt?
That would be a definitive no.
7. Were you in the band, orchestra or choir?
Choir, baby! As a matter of fact, I earned my school letter for being in choir all four years. It was a big red "C" with a music note embroidered on it, and it entitled me to wear the white letterman's sweater, instead of the uniform maroon cardigan. I never did get a white sweater, though, because I was too embarrassed to wear a letter for singing while some of my others friends got letters for, you know, activities where you actually had to move around and sweat and such.

8. Were you a nerd?
I don't think I was a nerd in the Revenge of the Nerds kind of way, but I was pretty well charted on the Honors Class Geek-O-Meter.

9. Were you ever suspended or expelled?
No. Not even close. Our discipline system was based on demerits, and you had to collect at least three demerits to warrant detention. I had detention once, and I earned all three demerits for purposely forgetting my gym clothes. That's how much I loathed gym and the gym teacher.

10. Can you sing the fight song?
We called it the Alma Mater, and it has been indelibly ingrained upon my memory thanks to a little something called Freshman Day, which was basically school-sanctioned, mild hazing of the freshman by the seniors. For example, the seniors could "make" a freshman get up on the cafeteria table and sing the Alma Mater to all assembled, therefore it paid to know the words.

We love thee, Alma Mater, dear old Central High. Within your walls, may it be said, that hidden treasures lie. So we will keep on seeking them, til strength we have no more, but we will keep you on the top: Excelsior! Oh Alma Mater, we will fight, through thick and thin, for the red and the white! Because on you we can rely, all hail to Central Catholic High!

(And at my youngest brother's recent high school graduation, I discovered that I know all the words to the second verse as well.)

11. Who was your favorite teacher?
Well, Mrs. O'Leary, the chemistry teacher, was always very patient and kind with me. She told us to think of Chemistry as "Hangin' with Mrs. O'Leary" Corny, but nice. Sister Jonathan was a kick-A English teacher. She never let us use the words "like" or "umm" while we were answering in class, which nearly broke some people.

12. What was your school mascot?
The mighty Cardinal.

13. Did you go to the Prom?
Yes. See #22 for all the gory details.
14. If you could go back, would you?

15. What do you remember most about graduation?
I remember that it was one of the few times I didn't feel inferior to so many of my classmates. I was emboldened by my imminent release. Oh, and my hair rocked at graduation.

16. Where were you on Senior Skip Day?
We didn't do Senior Skip Day.

17. Did you have a job your senior year?
Yes, at a river tubing/canoe rental place across the street from my house. Perfect for a non-driver like myself.

18. Where did you go most often for lunch?
I went to the caf every day. There was no other choice for us. We were not allowed to leave school before dismissal, and we were not allowed to eat in any other part of the school building.

19. Have you gained weight since then?
Too much to even talk about.

20. What did you do after graduation?
Worked in the summer and then went to college.

21. What year did you graduate?

22. Who was your Senior Prom Date?
My senior prom was pretty dreadful in many ways. My date was M.M., a guy from my Law class who asked me because he couldn't find anyone else to go with him. I was such a geek that I jumped at my only chance to go. My parents, God bless their hearts, went completely out of their way to make it a special event for me. Money was tight, but they bought me an expensive new dress and shoes; they were gracious and friendly with my date; and, since we all went to an all night after-prom party at a sports club, they invited me, my date, Meg, and her boyfriend back to the house for a big breakfast buffet. Too bad the evening was a total bust, complete with almost every prom night cliche out there. My date was pissed that I wasn't more grateful to him in a physical way, if you catch the drift, so he spent the evening on the other side of the room with his friends and ignored me. We didn't dance once. We drove to the after-party in near silence, and he promptly left me again once we were there. We drove to my parents house in silence, he ate breakfast with us, and then went home. That was the last time he ever spoke to me in his life, and we even went to the same college. (My college formals were much better - thank you, Rob)

23. Are you going/did you go to your 10 year reunion?
I went to the 10 year, and got to catch up with good people, although it would have been more fun with Meg. But now she's back in PA, so we'll do reunions on our own.

24. Who was your homeroom teacher?
We had different homeroom teachers for each year of high school, so I'll just go with senior year, and that was Mrs. Winter - a woman who could be as chilly as her name implies.

25. Who will repost this after you?
T and Meg, I'm callin' you out, ladies! Let's hear your memories of dear old Central high.


  1. i am wondering if i should boldly blog where i hath never blogged before- JUST to do this meme! : )

    then again...maybe i won't!

    thanks for the memories!
    hey- remember when i rode the bus with you all the way to your house after i burned my hand on the IRON RING?!?!?! hahahahaha

  2. Kimmy! Blog, woman, blog! Start right now, and never look back. As a matter of fact, we could start a Manwich blog. Imagine the following . . .

  3. I'm so grateful for your answers to 14 and 15. I feel the exact same way! I resisted doing this meme before now just because I didn't want to offend you guys by saying I wouldn't do it again.

    Maybe I would feel a little differently if I had spent more time with my close friends instead of that good-for-nothing-ex-boyfriend. Such a waste of time. I'll dust off the cobwebs and try to get the meme posted tomorrow.

    And I second that notion... Blog, Kimmy, blog!

  4. Sorry, T, I have to tell you that I am quite glad I let go of that one when I did....except that you were unfortunate enough to pick him up! It's ok, though. We all learned lessons from that sort of stuff, yes?

    You can do it!

  5. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Okay Aimee, this post cracked me up as it made me relive some memories of my own but even more so because I know the other side of some individuals mentioned and I have to say the adult perspective is amazingly similar to yours as a student!
    PS I too know the words to the Alma Mater- do I get bonus points?

  6. Oh, too funny! I was high on the geek-o-meter myself ;) I went to prom with a guy that had an orangish (I think it was supposed to be blond) mohawk of sorts. Very Klassy!

  7. MIRA-MOM: You TOTALLY get points for knowing our alma mater :0)
    And congrats on your new little niece - I am such a slug about responding to email, but I did get the picture. SHe's so cute - and great hair :)

  8. Yeah! You're back!

    And you can sing!

    God, I wish I could sing.

    Not the type of singing that I do (i.e.with radio as loud as possible so voice is drowned out), but rather the type of singing that would earn me a letter.

    Because I bet when we're 80, your voice will still rock and my free throws will leave something to be very desired.

  9. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Aimee, you looked beautiful on prom night! And I was so proud that you went with that oaf in spite of his deplorable social skills. But I did not know that you never danced once! Arrrggghh! At least we had a good breakfast. As far as college and beyond - well,you have looked more beautiful with each passing year. I especially love your pictures with Rob,Julia,Marguerite and Christina;Daddy,John,Jay,(aka.the Amish boy)at all the weddings since 1997. I also love my beautiful photos of you in all your gestating grandeur with Older Girl,The Boy, and Baby precious you all...

  10. Did nobody go to the prom without a date? That kind of policy would have seriously impeded my entire group of friends.

  11. B&P - believe it or not, we weren't allowed to go to the prom without a date. Medieval, I know.

  12. Well, that was just fun. I'm going to have to do it next week. Should my memory return spontaneously, that is.

  13. not only could you not go to prom without a date... you couldn't just pair up with friends who were of the same gender... and if you brought someone from outside the school you had to provide all sorts of info about them
    (Mirabella MOM and Mirabella DAD were two of the chaperones for my prom :D... not married at the time)

    gotta love Catholic high school!

    Our Alma Mater and our fight song were different...
    Throned mid Bethlehem’s verdant hills our Alma Mater reigns.
    The while her loyal subjects she with links of love enchain.
    Her colors proud we wave on high.
    Her seal impress on heart as sign from truths that she has taught we never shall depart.
    O Fides et Scientia!
    Our motto this shall be
    The light that erst the Magi led
    To knowledge is the key.
    Then up and on with courage blest
    Her summons we obey.
    The Star, the Star of Bethlehem henceforth our song today.

    The cheerleaders were required to memorize it as I recall (not that I was one... not quite anyway)

    Our fight song was essentially "Oh When the Saints Come Marching In"... but instead we were the hawks and we were definately flying, not marching.

    sorry about the length of this comment... perhaps I should start my own blog (though the one I have hasn't been updated in approx. 2 years)


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