Thursday, June 28, 2007

We've Got To Get Out of This Place

Well, the time has come, my friends; it's time for the annual Family Vacation. This year we are taking a road trip that combines children-centered fun with stops at sites important to American history. I know this itinerary is not shocking to those who know us - we take this kind of trip every year in an effort to not have our children caught on Jay Leno saying that the tenth president of the United States was Chester Cheetah.

We will hit the sites of Baltimore, mostly the Inner Harbor/Aquarium, Mt. Vernon, and then, as an added twist this year, we will be heading to a swanky resort and spa on Maryland's eastern shore. I know nothing says resort like three wild kids, but Rob will be speaking at a conference and they are paying for the hotel. So while Rob is enlightening his fellow medical professionals on Prenatal Care and Pediatric Rashes, I will be chasing rich women from the infinity pool with my own three pediatric rashes darling angels. Good times, my friends.

I will be going dark for a few days, since I have many obligations to fulfill in my role as Chief Executive Packer for the HomeFront Corp. I take my duties very seriously, since my employees depend on me to provide them with every imaginable creature comfort of home. Haven't touched the stuffed otter under the bed in at least six months, but finding it impossible to sleep in the hotel without it? No worries, it's in the duffel bag. Need to sleep in the shirt that used to belong to your father even though it is too big and falls off your shoulder and you hate that and you wake up in the middle of the night crying because your shoulder is sticking out and your arms are trapped? Never fear, it's folded there at the bottom of the bed.

I have mounds of laundry to do before packing, because taking dirty clothes on vacation is not the way to go. Oh, and don't forget the obligatory Pre-Vacation trip to Wally World for Things We Need, like diapers and first aid ointment, and Things We Don't Need But Are 97 cents and May Buy Us Five Minutes of Silence, like tootsie pops and pinwheels.

This is what I will be about for the next few days, and I will miss you all, but take heart: Swanky Eastern Shore Resort and Spa, and even Not Very Swanky But Much More Practical Hotel in Baltimore will have wireless and we will have a laptop. Oh, the joys of technology! I can check in on all you dear ones, and I may even write a post or two on location. It's all the rage in Blogville these days. I even thought about hitting up my archives for a post or two that could bridge the gap, so maybe you will get to see how awfully humdrum the early posts were. As opposed to now, where I write about my life on the edge.
I'll leave you with the sentiments I leave with my children when they are staying home with a babysitter:
Be kind to one another, help each other out, be on your best behavior, and you may have ice cream before you go to bed.


  1. It must be late for me. I clicked over and thought "Gee, her husband looks a lot like Chevy Chase". I should probably go to bed, but before I do, I wanted to say have a safe and wonderful trip!!
    We will be hitting the Maryland shore at the end of July so try and leave it as you found it :)

  2. LOL at the above Chevy Chase comment!!

    Have a WONDERFUL vacation, enjoy the sites, and why yes, I think I WILL have an ice cream before bed...


  3. ice cream! too bad some of the babysitters don't allow that to happen... mmmmmm

  4. Have fun! I'm jealous. We plan on spending some time at historical sites as our kids get older. I'm such a history and political science nerd that I'm fascinated by all the history up in your neck of the woods. Enjoy the resort, sounds nice, even with kids in tow.

  5. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Enjoy- we just came back from Mexico(it was an adults only trip -weird not to hear MOM! at 6 am) but it was in prep for the big family disney trip later.
    Have a great time and be safe!

  6. Oh, I'm going to miss you!

    Have fun.

    Cannot wait for the postcards.

  7. Now that's a fabulous idea! Instead of staying home along with the kids while the Hubby goes away on a business trip tack on a few extra days, pack the kids, go with and make a fun vacation out of it. You're much smarter than I am.

  8. We just got back from Baltimore last week. It was awesome. Making hubby's conference a family vacation is the only way to go. We got to vacation at a swanky Cape Cod resort for nearly free two years ago. for the boys, it is the vacation against which all other vacations will be measured.

  9. Have a great vacation! Can't wait to hear all about it!


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