Sunday, June 03, 2007

To The Victor Go The Spoils . . .

If by spoils you mean the satisfaction of knowing that you can pass a second grade math final!

First, let me begin by saying that I am positive that any answer that may have flitted through your brain, whether left in the comments or not, was probably far more accurate than anything that flitted through my brain. Considering the only thing in my brain while reading over the exam was an intense wave of PTMD- Post Traumatic Math Disorder. I had to lie down until it passed. I am sure you fared better than that.

Secondly, I also had to look up congruent. Here's a little definition refresher: congruent means superposable so as to be coincident throughout. Much better, right? I think I need to lie down again . . .

Thirdly, Amy, I am uber-impressed! I know that sounds condescending, but it is not meant that way. I figured your brain was so crammed full of Ulysses and Middlemarch, that there would be no room left over for other subjects. At least that's how I justify it to myself. Plus, your suggestion of a refrigerator box was genius, my friend.
And last, but certainly not least, the winner of the Second Grade Math Champ title (to be shared with Older Girl) is Johanna! You correctly answered all of the questions, and in doing so have become my Go-To Gal for all things geometric. Aren't you excited?! (A note to the rest of you erstwhile mathematicians: Don't feel blue. Johanna is an engineer and pretty brilliant, and I'm not just saying that because she comes to my house and watches my kids and occasionally cooks me fabulous food.)
I hope you all enjoyed this little mathematical detour because it may just be the last time I mention this leg of the three Rs. Ever.

Remember Geometry? Eu-gotta be-clidian me!

(argh . . .)


  1. Go on, Johanna!

    Just have to say that Geometry was the only math I ever liked. :)

    I wish I could come up with a good geometry pun to put in here. That Euclid one was good!

  2. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Congrats to Johanna- but not surprising as I know of her brilliance first hand!

    P.S.- I am not looking forward to second grade math!

  3. I saw the quiz on Friday and quickly closed my browser window because I had way to much stuff to get done before leaving work. And then I never got back to it!! It would have been a great distraction on a slow day at work.

    Congrats, Johanna!

  4. Showing this to Honey I had this thought. Pretend you're a little old nun and say the following with a German accent "congruent means superposable so as to be coincident throughout"
    Takes you right back to high school, doesn't it?

  5. I suppose I owe all my geometric knowledge to Mr. Harmanos (George of the math jungle!) I don't remember having geometry in grade school... hmmm. Geometry and calc were fun times... esp. with MIRABELLA DAD's random appearances from across the hallway!

    Without geometry, life is pointless. ;-)

  6. Oh, Sr. Conradine! She totally rocked out the geometry world at dear old central high. I loved that she was about 4'10" but completely in charge. And her signs around the classroom were priceless:
    "Do not manipulate this window. It is malfunctioning." She could have just written "broken", but where's the fun in that?! :)

  7. That math quiz kicked my butt! That's why you never got my answers ;)
    Sr Conradine was so damn cute....except when she was flinging her little bell at someone. I don't quite remember who it was, but I do remember that bell flying through the air.

  8. Now that I know what "congruent" means I protest that it was a trick question - it's one of those questions where the answer seems too obvious to be true: of course they're not congruent because they're not the same shape!


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