Monday, June 04, 2007

This Is What We're Really Like

(after tickling me mercilessly):

Me: Now I get to tickle you.

Him: No. You get to try to tickle me. I tried and succeeded. Vini, Vidi, Vici, Baby. Although with you it becomes more like Vini . . . Defeated. It's so easy.

Me: Baby Girl, go bite Daddy.

(Baby Girl looks up, smiles, and then goes right back to foraging for some papery snacks.)

Him: Looks like your Attack Baby needs more training.


Him: I need some new shoes for casual Fridays at work. Maybe some new hiking shoes, just like my old ones.

Me: You can't wear hiking shoes with work clothes, even on casual Fridays.

Him: Why not?

Me: Because you'll look like a . . . a . . . hobo!

Him: A hobo, you say. Ah yes . . . I can see it now: 'Sheriff, what do you make of this? Well, he's obviously a hobo. You can tell by his shoes.'


(Older Girl and The Boy, playing "camping"):

Older Girl: You have to carry this backpack. And you have to carry this bag, too.

The Boy: No.

Older Girl: If you don't want me to lick you, you better carry this.

The Boy: Okay.


Older Girl: Mom, I have a bug bite that really itches me. I need some of that calzone cream.

Me: Cortisone cream? Coming right up.


  1. 1. Maybe you could train the Attack Baby by wrapping paper around his ankles.
    2. Rob won't look like a hobo showing up to work wearing hiking boots. He'll just look like a software engineer from New England - the granola eating kind.
    3. Ha, ha, ha!!! Great threat!!
    4. Hmmm, can I get some cannoli cream instead.

    Hugs to all!

  2. LOL -- too funny!!!

  3. ROTFL! I like T's idea about paper on the ankles - that might help.

    FWIW, your family sounds as normal as mine who are currently packing dinner away and talking about "tooting".

    Yes, they're girls.

    Yes, I'm so proud.

  4. too funny! at our house, we tell aidan to go "cha!" daddy or older brothers. (this results in a play karate kick to the shins or gut, with a loud cha!!)

    why do men think they can wear hiking boots anywhere other than hiking?

    sounds like older girl knows the ins and outs of camping pretty well - make the boys carry all the heavy stuff! good for her.

  5. Oh God.

    Laughing so hard right now, can hardly stand it.

    Love the police/hobo shoe scenario.

    "Flip-flops? Hippie. Drop her back in San Francisco."


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