Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Rockin' Mother's Day

Well, it could be rockin' if I win this 4GB Apple iPod Nano from Best Buy that is being given away at 5 Minutes for Mom. I don't know how those ladies get the stuff they give away, but all I can say is God bless them because this iPod also comes wrapped in a box of chocolate. Wait, maybe you didn't hear me. I said wrapped in a box of CHOCOLATE! I don't see how it can get better than that - unless it is being dropped into my substantially thinner lap by my adoring husband while we bask on a beach in the Caribbean sipping adult beverages out of coconuts with little umbrellas in them. Otherwise, I think this giveaway is tantamount to sheer perfection.

But wait, that's not all! The 5 minutes gals are having more giveaways in the coming days, so you need to keep going back to the well, my friends. The little button on my sidebar will take you to the prize-a-palooza, and you can follow all the instructions they give you.
Good Luck (but if you win that iPod, I'm coming over to share your earbuds - just so you're expecting me)

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  1. I LOVE 5 Minutes for Mom. If I win, I'll share the chocolate, ok? ;)

    Nice blog, btw. I'm visiting from Catholic Mothers Online.


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