Monday, April 30, 2007

My New Favorite Prayer

Dear Lord, I am sick to death of making beds, cleaning, and all the other jobs that go into keeping this household together. Grant me a clearer sense of my vocation to this work so that I may think less of the drudgery and more of the spiritual opportunity that it gives me.
Be with me in the duties of my day; and when, as now, I feel like dropping from fatigue and boredom and I long to be rid of it all, rouse in me a spirit of endurance and greater generosity.
Help me to make more of an effort to model myself on You. The daily work in the house at Nazareth was not without its hardships, and in the work of Your ministry later on, You were both weary and pressed for time. Help me to remember this when I find myself suffocated by housework. Amen.

from: Holiness for Housewives (and other Working Women) by Dom Hubert Van Zeller (emphasis mine)

If my life could have a "theme prayer," this one would easily be in the top three. Maybe I ought to get it tattooed on my arm.


  1. I think that could be my theme prayer too. When will I really let it sink in and start working?

  2. That's a very nice prayer. And yeah for you in personalizing it and making it your own. Too many times I read prayers, memorize them and they end up becoming routine. I bet this adds that special something to your heart and soul when you pray it.

  3. Nothing like trying to be Mary when all you have time for is being Martha!

  4. AMEN!
    The part on boredom especailly fits me lately. I may have to get a copy of that book. :)


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