Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Rap Power Couple

I saw this at 4andcounting and I couldn't resist! I am especially pleased with the results -my RapStar name is L'il Hott. I like the "L'il" part the best since it implies that I'm petite, but, apparently, still Hott (and everyone knows that two "t"'s means I'm extra Hot!).

I couldn't help myself, and I plugged in Rob's name. I am married to Money Mix! Who knew?
And since I was already there, I had to see what our kids would be. Had to.
Older Girl is Sindee Rose, The Boy is Royal Joint, and Baby Girl is Chyna DeLite.

So there you have it - our RapStar Family. If this is something with which you might want to waste time, check it out here. Hope your names are as off the chain as ours. Fo'shizzle.

Peace out,
L'il Hott


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Okay Aimee, tried it and my name was Monika McDougal. I guess even as a "rapstar" I can't get away from sounding like a nerdy English teacher.
    Did you dig out from the snow yet?
    -Mirabella MOM

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  3. OK - I just posted a comment with so many huge spelling errors that I had to delete it out of pure shame! Here is the second try at commenting:

    Wow! That Rapstar Name generator is totally harshing on you, MM! But because I had such good luck and got such an awesome name, I went back and plugged in your name and got (drumroll, please . . . ):


    That's more like it - no more Monika McDougal for you, baby. It's McT-Fresh all the way.

    PS: I hope you're not creeped out by me going back to get you a cooler name - L'il Hott is all about her peeps, so s'all good, McT, s'all good.

  4. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Me= Leggs Fabulous
    Bri= Funky Mack (holla!)
    Anika= Ms. Jones
    Fun. I dunno about the Leggs Fabulous-- maybe when I was 10 and dancing every day, but not so much anymore...

  5. Kimmy - I think your Rapstar names are kickin'! And you are definitely Leggs Fabulous - L'il Hott don't lie, mama

  6. Anonymous9:57 PM

    thanks Aimee, I knew I could count on you to make me sound much more hip!

  7. Johanna9:01 PM

    ok, so i'm not sure if i'm likin my name... Macy Lipps

    for fun I had to put in John's too... DJ U - Nasty

  8. Johanna - Oh I SO LOVE JB's RapStar name! DJ U-Nasty! Hilarious.
    L'il Hott approves. Tell DJ we said hello :)

  9. rapstar name is Madame Velvet, Wayne's is Da Killer - not so sure about Wayne's, but i like mine ;)

  10. Hey Aim - ahem, scuse me, L'il Hott...I just did the rapstar name thing and here's what I got:

    Princess Dash - kinda cool but I liked my middle name better when I did came out - MC Lavendar! Hot!

    Oh, btw, JB's rapstart name is frickin' hi-larious! And so, because of that, I just had to try our parents names, y'know, just cause I wanted to see what would happen. So apparently we are the progeny of, drumroll:

    Mom = Cameo Hott (apparently, you get your extra hotness from our mama - who knew?)
    Dad = The Def Dog (maybe now, having a rapstart name, he'll actually have a license to use the phrase "phat" like he seems to love doing)
    And our lil bro is Krazy T., with a K! Ha, so cool.

    Aren't we the coolest family? I think so - in the words of Vanilla Ice ... word to ya motha!

  11. Meg - ooooo . . . Madame Velvet! very smooth :)

    Jul - ok, our gansta family is so funny that I am going to have to actually put it in a real post. I just about laughed my butt off with our names!


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