Monday, February 19, 2007

More Fun Than Expected

So this RapStar Name Generator has provided me countless minutes of fun this weekend. I don't know what that says about me, except that it has taken my mind off of other, less fun things (which deserve a post unto themselves), and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I thought my little family had some awesome RapStar names, but from your comments, I can see that I need to cast my net into the wider pool of family to get to the true nuggets of RapStar goodness.

My sister has so kindly figured out the RapStar names of our family:

Our Mother = Cameo Hott (apparently, my Hott-ness is hereditary!)
Our Father = The Def Dog (which is what my mother has been proclaiming for many years)
(Older Brother) JB = DJ U-Nasty (almost peed my pants while laughing!)
Sister = Princess Dash (indeed!)
(Youngest Brother) JW = Krazy T. (Krazy with a K, because is there any other kind?!)

And because I cannot leave well enough alone, I had to figure out my in-laws RapStar names. I was NOT disappointed. Of course, these will be much funnier/oddly appropriate if you know my in-laws, but enjoy them even if you only know them from song and legend. Here we go:

My lovely mother-in-law = Da Ivory (oh, yes, she is!)

Rob's brother = Beat Daddy (don't mess with him!)
His wife, F = Leggs Sixx (who knew?!)
Their son, D = The Playa (the playa with trains, that is)

Rob's sister, M = Choclate Tasti (if you knew how much she loves chocolate, you would know there could be no other name for her)
Her husband, J = Fatal B (I don't even think he has a "B" anywhere in his name, but we know to stay on his good side now!)
Their older girl, F = Ms. Ivory (granddaughter of Da Ivory, obviously)
Their son, A = R. Tricky (Tricky? No, never!)
Their younger girl, J = Harmony Diva (Diva? not my J . . .)

Rob's youngest sister, C = DJ the Funkstress (and she is seriously funky - in a great way!)
Her husband, T = Prince Hill (a prince among men)

And, as a parting shout out to my Granny, who occasionally reads this blog, a RapStar name just for you: Sista Fabulous. I don't think you can get more appropriate than that!

OK, the moment has passed, no more RapStar names for me, I promise, but it was fun while it lasted.


  1. ROTFL!! I tried your rap star namer but just didn't get the great results you did. Then I tried the country namer, the pop namer and then cleaned the bathroom. Too much info?! Thanks for the laugh this President's morning when I'm marooned with all four children!

  2. too funny!! i did our rap names too - but i don't know if you noticed on the "generator" that you can do rockstar, popstar, and country star names too! i am gia criss (rockstar) ericka (popstar) and gale dixon (country).

    go do those too!


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