Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Poet Laureate

Older Girl's class will be studying poetry when they return from Christmas break, and they will also be trying their hands at a little poetry writin'. So leave it to my child to write a poem in preparation for Poetry 101. Of course, this writing frenzy took place when she was supposed to be upstairs putting away all of her Christmas bounty, but how can you yell at someone for writing poetry? I mean, it's poetry for goodness sake! It's not like I'm saying "hey, what have I told you about that crack pipe?!" (I guess it doesn't hurt to have a former english major mom, either.)
She used her siblings' real names, but I am using my editorial discretion and substituting their blog aliases. If you know my kids' names, feel free to use them in your own private, dramatic reading because it really does sound better.

The Boy and Baby Girl
by Older Girl Langan, 7

The Boy is a little naughty,
Baby Girl is extremely nice.
Baby Girl eats what's served,
The Boy dislikes pudding with rice.

Baby Girl likes her Exersaucer,
The Boy prefers his trains.
Baby Girl likes her play-gym,
The Boy likes board games.

The Boy is really active,
Baby Girl takes afternoon naps.
Baby Girl will wear any hat,
The Boy won't wear caps.


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  1. what talent! that's very cute.

    i dislike pudding with rice too.


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