Monday, November 13, 2006

Late, as usual . . .

This is a post to say Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Amy, and to apologize for being such a disorganized loser that her birthday card is sitting here on my desk taunting me while I type. I have had it addressed for several days, it just needs a stamp (of which we have none, natch!)
So while my intentions were good, they didn't come to fruition . . . (wait, what paves the way to Hell again?)
But I am thinking of you and I promise you'll get your card (note, I did not say when you'll get your card). Happy Birthday, Ame!

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  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Hey, no worries for I am the Queen of Late. I was once so late in sending out my sister-in-law's birthday card (fully addressed, no stamp) that I saved it for the following year. And I sent my father-in-law's birthday cards to him 3 weeks after his birthday. I'm just glad to know you're thinking of me. Offer up a prayer on my behalf and you can save the stamp and give me the card when next we see each other (Christmastime???).

    What makes this extra funny to me is that you live literally around the corner from a post office!!!! LOL!!!

    Rereading this, I don't want anyone to get the idea that i dislike my sister- or father-in-law. I love them very much. I am just a simpleton. My nickname in Girl Scouts was Forgetful Jones because I was always forgetting something (sash, weekly dues, snack, whatever). A simpleton slacker who needs to get her butt to work--that's me! ;)


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