Saturday, November 11, 2006

Laissez le bon temps roulez!

I am not a huge partier in the sense of all night keggers, but a girl's got to get out once in a while, preferably without children draped on her. Which is why we begged my brother and his girlfriend to spring us from the booby-hatch while we went to a farewell party for Rob's former boss, our beloved Dr. Patti.

And boy howdy was it just what the doctor ordered! I can't even put into words how nice it was to talk with another adult without being interrupted by someone clutching the crotch of their pants in a desperate attempt not to pee on themselves. We ate real food (shrimp! not chicken nuggets), drank wine, sang karaoke after the wine, and stayed out until 11:00 . . . PM!!! That is almost 2 whole hours past my bedtime! Time, tide, and The Boy's early morning bathroom run and breakfast prep wait for no woman, so I am usually turning in early. I was just waiting for the truck to turn back into a pumpkin or something.

Rob has always been very conscientious in making sure that I get some time of my own during the week; time to fritter away in frivolous pursuits, preferably while drinking some kind of uber-caloric coffee concoction (how's that for alliteration, all my English peeps? boo-yah!) And as much as I count on and look forward to that time, there really is something to be said for going out alone with your spouse, the one you chose to team up with in the first place. (Excuse me, have we met? I'm Aimee, I'll be your wife.)

So we thoroughly enjoyed our time out (thank you JB and Johanna!!), except for the part where we had to actually say goodbye to "Dr. Patti," as the kids call her. She's been so good to our family, and I have a sort of girl-crush on her because she's so cool -- you know what I mean, someone who just has it going on and you try to be like them except you are a dyed-in-the-wool dork, a complete wanna-be. No? Just me?

At any rate, we'll miss her very much, and we wish her well. Our family has been blessed with such good doctors, who have also been good friends (Jenn, Jenn, we miss you so -- another doc who has it going on!), and both The Boy and Baby Girl were born into rooms full of love and laughter (well, not from me exactly). Good times . . . they were really good times.

So now Rob and I are looking forward to our next big date, which is my cousin's wedding next month. The kids are staying home, and I'm already dreaming about sitting through an entire hot meal with no interruption, dancing without holding someone in my arms in addition to Rob, and using a bathroom as God intended, with one person to each stall.
It's good to have a dream . . .


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Sounds great! It is nice to get our with your spouse and have some good couple time. Isn't family a great blessing? Someone you can trust to watch your kids, and you are doing them a service as well, as they get a small taste of life with kids. Enjoy your next outing too!

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    We're going to be at my parents' in FL for Tgiving, and couting down the days until that Saturday, when we'll have ourselves one of those things you call "dates." IF we remember how, that is. :) Glad you had such fun!

  3. good for you, for your night out! we have 2 christmas parties that are no-kids that i'm looking forward to....getting to eat my whole meal without having to cut my meat up in little bites to share with my son...getting to wear something nice without worrying about the eventual spit-up on the shoulder...


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