Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Things Fall Apart

Whenever things are crazy in the house (when are they not crazy?), Rob likes to smile and just say, "Ah, entropy." I used to ask him what he meant, and he would say that everything is naturally entropic, given to falling apart if not acted upon by some force to keep it in order. Well if that's not a definition of a house with young children, then I don't know what is -- and this morning the entropy nearly got the best of me.
First, Rob had to leave early for work, so it was my job to get Older Girl to school. Sounds simple enough, but the course of higher learning never did run smooth. Baby Girl decided that today would be a great day to wake at 5, and The Boy showed his smiling face at 5:15, as usual. Baby Girl ate and fell back into the soundest of sleeps right before it was time to get the car loaded. Any other day, she could have slept until kingdom come and I would have done everything in my power to accommodate her, but this morning she had to be strapped into the straight jacket we call an infant carseat.
We left the house on time, with everyone fully dressed and fed, which is already an accomplishment in my book. We pull into the school parking lot and realize that Older Girl has left her backpack sitting in the garage. Naturally. We pull out of the school parking lot and drive home to find the forgotten backpack waiting for us. By the time we get back to school, they have already rung the bell and Older Girl has to go around to the Office Door and run down to her classroom. Of course.
We drive back home, and while The Boy and Baby Girl play, I decide to make my coffee (oh the beloved coffee . . .) and an egg for breakfast. I drop an egg on the kitchen floor. Goody. I clean up the egg and carefully, oh so carefully, get out another one. The egg is cooked, the coffee is dripped, and things are looking up, when I decide to go into the scary Tupperware cabinet to get a small container. Bad move. Entropy finally catches up with the cabinet and everything cascades down and out of the cabinet like a big plastic avalanche. Crap. Now I throw everything back in, knowing that I am the "force" that is supposed to act upon the cabinet to keep it in order. The Force is not with me today. So I just move on to another cabinet to get out my biggest coffee mug, but when I open it, the hook on the inside that held a large silicone oven mitt finally gives way and the oven mitt whacks me in the head before knocking some things off the counter and hitting the floor. I just stare at the oven mitt and think, "Ah, entropy."

Epilogue: It's now 2 hours later and things are better. I am barely keeping entropy at bay, but I've had my coffee, so I don't care as much.


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Ah, entropy...


  2. Yup. Entropy. Works every time.

    I can help you cure the Tupperware Entropy though. Get the biggest plastic basket or crate you can that fits into the place where the Tupperware lives. Put ALL the containers & lids in it. When you need some, just pull out the basket. That was the single best thing I ever did to keep my sanity in the kitchen.

    But first, go have more coffee.

  3. That's a great idea, Barb! I just have to go through all the members of the "Lids without Partners" group that hangs out in the cabinet first, just to make sure that I have a corresponding container for each lid. Defeating entropy one cabinet at a time . . .:)

  4. I'm really glad I clicked your link to this post. I'm dealing with entropy with our family right now. And I've realized it is a lack of real, quality prayer time as a family. This post hit home for that. Our family is destined toward disaster unless acted on by something, in this case, prayer. We are falling apart and only prayer will keep things from going that way.


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