Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Talk to Me

Ok, my friendly friends, I have changed some settings on the blog so that you can now leave a comment without having to jump through flaming hoops first. So leave me a little love note if you wish because you know how I long to hear from you. Just make sure to put your name somewhere in your comment because if you are not registered on Blogger, then your comment shows up as "anonymous" and I'll have to guess who you are (oh, the intrigue!).
Caveat commenter: If I start getting weird spam comments or other things, then I'll probably change the settings back or work something else out. Since I'm figuring things out as I go, I'm sure things will go super-smoothly the very first time!!!


  1. Marguerite12:11 PM

    Hi Aimee-I love your blog:)So entropy is what happens in my closet....good to know

  2. Amy Michelle1:49 PM

    Ah, freedom from flaming hoops! I was frightened by them.

    Thanks for keeping me entertained on a (near) daily basis. I loved the Moms for Modesty idea . . .if I'm thrown by some of the things out there for three year olds, what am I going to do when the Bug gets older? Oh, the anticipatory headaches. I don't have my own blogs to post it on, but I've shared it with others who do.

  3. Oh YAY! Some darling friends have come out of the ether and left me some happy messages. Makes the beginning of the day just a distant memory . . .

  4. Anonymous8:39 PM

    From Lisa L--Hi lady! How are ya??
    I was gonna email you to see how you were doing but, I read your blog and see you had quite the morning! What is that about doing more before 9am then anyone else on the planet does all day? (sorry to Rob for the Army reference!). I am going to try really hard to get to the Open House on Fri. Logan boy got a tooth! Not all the way out yet but definitely coming up! Hope tomorrow is better--miss you! Hope to see you Friday--or really soon!

  5. Sue S.7:34 AM

    Hey Aimee~

    You are in my web favorites! Your blog is awesome... even if I have to have a Webster's right along side of me while I read it! :)

    Sue S.


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