Friday, January 29, 2010


We are still living in Emergency Ward 9 over here. I have three sickies home with me today, and while a couple are what I would consider Only Mildly Ill, one pulled a big fake out on us.

I thought Bun was on the mend, but when we checked on him last night we discovered a scene in his crib that can only be described as The Horror! The Horror! Seriously, his pillow needed to be thrown away that's how bad it was.

I was up until two in my hazmat suit just trying to get everything clean. When I finally finished, I felt like I needed some kind of Silkwood shower.

As I transferred loads of laundry, I tried to remind myself of my thoughts about serving Christ through serving my children. I have to admit that I did feel calmer than I normally would have in that situation, but I will also admit that it's really hard for me to keep a calm and loving spirit in the freezing cold laundry room at one in the morning.

Especially when the laundry in question smells like I pulled it from some kind of retention pond on a dairy farm.

Thank God for bleach. Shudder.


Can I say that not knowing this baby's gender is starting to drive me a little crazy? I'm still not going to find out, but I find that I am less patient with the not-finding-out this time around.

I'm not sure why, but I think it's because I still have a very strong girl feeling, but everyone keeps telling me that I look like I'm having a boy.

I'll be thrilled either way, but sometimes the waiting really is the hardest part.


Speaking of not knowing the gender of the baby, am I the only one left in the world who hasn't found out? When did every single baby thing become color coordinated?

I was in Babies-R-Us last week to pick up a few essentials like some new burp cloths and onesies. I had a hard time finding plain white cloths and onesies; they were hidden under mounds of blue and pink.

I thought I'd pick up a pack of pacifiers as well -- although three of my four children despised them, I like to keep at least one on hand -- and even they came in blue and pink. There was one lonely little white pacifier left on the rack and I grabbed it like it was made out of gold.

I understand the desire to know the baby's gender, and I admit that I love it when other people find out and I can indulge my passion for buying cute little baby clothes, but there are still some dinosaurs like me out there who don't know.

All that being said, it would be nice to know which clothes and blankets to pull out of storage . . . .

oh, my resolve is wavering . . . .


Since this is also pregnancy-related, I'll just take a moment to say this once and for all:

1. No, the doctor is NOT changing my due date, and YES I realize I am huge. Thank you for that lovely compliment.

2. Yes, I realize that the end of March is still two months away.

3. Yes, Rob and I know how I "got this way." We are obviously very talented. Jealous?

4. No, I do not know if I'm "done yet." When I hit menopause, you'll be the first person I alert, you complete and total stranger.

Excuse the crotchety tone, I'm usually not this grumpy. I'll blame it on the lack of sleep.


Is it Spring yet? Just thought I'd ask . . .


My mom, who lives an hour away, came over this week just to help me go grocery shopping. She even got the checkout lane with the perpetually grumpy bagger named Sunny (not even kidding).

That's a perfect example of a Corporal Work of Mercy if ever there was one.

Sometimes, it's still really nice to have your mom take care of you. Thanks, Mom.


I just discovered a bag of chocolate that I had hidden from the children (and myself) in an out of the way drawer. GLORY BE! The day may be salvaged yet.

Have a happy weekend, my friends . . .

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  1. Oh so sorry about the sickness. Hate that. Praying everyone gets well and you continue to be spared.

  2. Found you from Jen's blog!
    We're expecting #4, and our oldest is a teensy tiny girl of five. Today someone (neighbor) asked, "So are you done then?" and I responded, "Oh yes!"
    Which is totally not true...
    but I didn't want to look any crazier than I do already.
    Confession worthy, maybe... I need to think of a better response!

  3. "but everyone keeps telling me that I look like I'm having a boy"

    People don't know what the (ahem) they are thinking about. Thinking pink. Shall I start the quilt?

    PS Do you have any idea what anon is talking about?

    PSS Suppositories (unless we're already talking that end anyway)

  4. There is no end to the rudeness people feel compelled to spew at pregnant women/new moms. I STILL get rudeness over the big age-spacing of my kids. Sometimes people don't get that you wanted them closer, but it just didn't happen that way. Not like it's their business or anything.

    Hope everyone is now on the mend.

  5. Hope the sick ward is vacant soon! God Bless you for maintaining compassion at one a.m.! And...for those that want to know if you're done....they wouldn't ask if they knew what amazing parents you are!

  6. I always found out the gender, and I was still annoyed at how everything was blue or pink. Seriously, do we need to brand the baby at the moment of its birth so it is immediately obvious whether it's a boy or girl? I was so SICK of pink and blue, I found that I steered away from it the whole first year. Ugh. And don't get me started on how all boy stuff has to be sports related and all girl stuff "Daddy's Little Princess".

    Good luck making it to March!

  7. The middle of the night hazmat scenes are the worst! Hope the magic wand of wellness is waved over your household soon!

  8. GeeGee4:22 PM

    Even grandmothers get the rude remarks and offensive questions. When my coworkers ask me(in disgust,by the way) if you are "done yet", I usually say something like "Oh I hope not!" or "We'll accept any gift from God whenever it's given" or "Gee,I don't really know the answer to that question. It's actually none of my business...(HINT)" How silly and shallow people are. They just don't "get it".If only these people could see first-hand what wonderful parents you and Rob are, and how happy and well-adjusted and self-disciplined your children are...We are so blessed...

  9. 4.3 has me chuckling, still.

    and 4.4 should be a tshirt of some kind!

    ditto all the comments already said about dumb pregnancy blurts (from others!). now we keep hearing kaden NEEDS a baby sister... but my sil who had #6 got a ton of the stunned silence!? people!!

  10. Okay, I know I am behind, but sorry about sick babies and rough weeks.

    I hated it when people looked at me when I was expecting Tigercub and said...You cannot possibly go to your due date. Well, yes I could. I could even go past my due date, thankyouverymuch!

    Hope your week gets better!

  11. That was hilarious. Well, the part about pregnancy, not the part about sick kids. I hope that they are getting it out of their systems now and are the pictures of health when your new little one arrives! :)

    I'm surprised how often I answer the same questions--do we know how that happens? Yep, we've managed it five times, so we're pretty caught up on that part. Is this our last? How would I know? Gee, I hope not. Boy, you'll have your hands full. Yes, we will! Thank you, God!

    Have a great week! :)


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