Friday, July 24, 2009

It's time once again for Seven Quick Takes, and they are just the thing I need to get me jump-started with blogging again.


I think I've finally managed to get my schedule reset from vacation to normal. The suitcases are empty and packed away, the laundry is (mostly) done, and I've cleaned the bathrooms.

Nothing says welcome back to REAL life like scrubbing your toilet.


While I was away, you all were busy! At one point, I had over a thousand items in my Google reader. I've been catching up a little each day.

You were so busy, in fact, that two of you even had babies! Pop over to T With Honey and Patch O' Dirt Farm to see the newborn deliciousness.

Now I'm just waiting on my new niece or nephew, coming by this weekend we hope!


I also received a blog award while I was away, and for that I humbly thank Lisa, who has been stricken with swine flu, poor friend.

She passed on the buttonless Charming Award, and it comes with its own set of instructions, which I will complete in the next few days. I just wanted to say thank you before too much time passed and I looked like an ingrate.

Being an ingrate is decidedly NOT charming.


Is it bad that Rob and I sometimes play Francie's Nintendo DS after the kids are in bed? We are considering getting an extra one for me one for Fiver's birthday next month.

If we had a Wii, I fear no one would ever see us again.


Does anyone else out there feel like a complete loser when their their child makes a colossally bad decision? Like that decision is a reflection on everything you've done, or didn't do, as a parent?

That's where I am today, although I won't go into details to preserve the dignity of the child in question.

The wrong-doing has been recognized as wrong and confessed, the offender is demonstrably SORRY for the transgression, and remediation has been put into action. In other words, all that can be done has been done.

So why do I still have that crash-and-burn feeling.

(PS: I re-read this and realized the wording was a little strong. In fact, I may have made it sound like one of my children has become a juvenile delinquent. Not so, and many of my friends who are parents of teenagers would probably laugh me right off the internet were I to divulge the nature of the problem. Still, my preoccupation lingers . . . )


On the way home from North Carolina, I saw this bumper sticker:

CHANGE: that's about all you'll have left

I chuckled at the time, and then it flashed across my mind again when I checked the bank account today.

In an effort to cut costs, Rob's employer decided not to give out the yearly cost of living raise, and instead opted for a smaller one-time bonus.

I understand the reasons behind the decision, and trust me, I am not complaining because a) we are grateful for Rob's employment and b) money is money and we can always put it to good use around here.

But when I see that HALF of that money disappear to taxes before we can even use it, I just sigh a little . . . oh well.

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and decay
destroy, and thieves break in and steal. But store up treasures in heaven, where
neither moth nor decay destroys, nor thieves break in and steal. For where your
treasure is, there also will your heart be." Matthew 6: 19-21


Don't look for me to go into photography any time soon, as this is the best beach picture we could muster from the kids.

At this point in my life, photography is more like herding cats than anything else. Bun needs to be forcibly restrained, Fiver smiles like he has gun to his head, and most times Sally refuses to get into the picture at all

Only ONE of them was crying in this picture, so I consider that an accomplishment.

Be sure to visit Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes, and have a happy weekend, my friends.


  1. Lovely children, smiling or no. I didn't go on vacation, but I still don't want to scrub my toilets.

  2. How could they be crying with that beautiful beach in the background!? I feel your pain on the picture taking...and I only have two kids to herd and wrangle!

  3. I'm just now returning from vacation too... still waiting to get back on schedule. Waiting to scrub my toilet as well!

  4. You're so right about number ONE. I'm leaving on Monday, and no way am I going to want to come back here and clean a toilet.

  5. whew...I was going thru blog withdraw...glad you got this up here...I was beginning to panic...we understand you had laundry and unpacking but, we have been waiting SO patiently for many days! :)

    You should get a for the WHOLE family...we play all the time after the boys are in bed.

    Hope you had a great trip! :)

  6. Just you wait, my dear girl, when one of them makes a truly colossal bad decision and they are old enough to really know better. That bad parent feeling goes way down deep and doesn't go away. Cut some slack. It's too soon for it to be very serious.

    Love the pictures. I'm humming Memories...

  7. Instead of a raise, my husband took a 25% pay cut. We got change alright. Not the kind of change I wanted (but I didn't vote for change). But we are happy to still be employed (at least that's the mantra we keep using :D)
    Love the picture. Memories - smiling or crying.

  8. Glad you're back - missed my daily dose.
    Now back to laughing my head off - I'm one of those mothers of teenagers!

  9. Oh man -- you totally have to get a Wii! It's the best!


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