Monday, December 23, 2013

For He's A Jolly Good Toddler

Today, Septimus is one.  One!  Can you believe a year has passed that fast?  Me neither.

When I was pregnant, so many people with either Christmas birthdays or Christmas babies told me I would hate having a baby at this time of year.  They assured me that birthdays would get pushed to the side or just plain forgotten in the busy rush of the holidays.

But knowing Septimus, I don't think he'll ever let himself be forgotten.  From his tumultuous entrance to his incessant colic to his family record of being the only one of my children who walked before their first birthday, he has made making a name for himself a full time job.   It's the only way to live for those babies of the family.

Septimus is smart, funny, maddening, endearing, outrageous, wild, happy, and everything a one year old baby boy should be.  He is spoiled and petted and cosseted by his older siblings.  He is also pushed around and put in his place and left behind for grander adventures by those same kids.  Life in The Shoe can be tough, but it's not without love.

And love is all you need.

Happy birthday, baby boy.  You are our delight.



  1. He's perfect! Your children have such a strong family resemblance! Happiest of birthday's sweet boy. Hope it's blessed!

  2. Happy birthday sweet little man, what a little love.

  3. Oh, he is a charming little guy all right! Hands down, my favorite shot is the one where he's got his tongue out, and wearing a red and gray shirt.


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