Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Diller, A Dollar, A Ten O'Clock Blogger

I should have planned a little better for this 7 in 7 blog challenge.  Maybe written some things in advance and set them on auto-publish.  But let's be honest: when have I ever planned this blog?  At least I am an hour earlier than last night, so that's something.

Everyone else is putting up all kinds of new and interesting content, but I am sorry to say this day has been one heck of a trial for me.  There is nothing wrong, per se, and I am so grateful for that.  I am just feeling ground down tonight.  A little bruised and crushed by my work and vocation.

I'm sure this sounds unnecessarily dramatic -- I'm really just tired this week.  There has been a lot of running children around and not enough "keep the house in order" time.  I don't function well when my work space is messy.

So I am throwing some cute kid pictures up here and calling it a night. This lame post is my blogging equivalent of smoke and mirrors.  Besides, I need to be reminded that my children are not always squalling, sticky, rashy, itchy, irritable people.  Most of the time they are completely delightful.  Not today, but most of the time.

Oh wait, I do have a question before I go.  I have been thinking seriously about ditching the pseudonyms on the blog and just going with real first names.  Part of it is that some of the kids' pseudonyms don't fit them in the least, but I don't really want to confuse things by thinking up new fake names.  If I'm going to do new names, they might as well be the real deal.

What do you say?  Real names or pseudonyms?  If you use pseudonyms for your children on your blog, why?  If you don't, why?  Just throw it all at me, people.


  1. I used pseudos at one point -- patron saint names because they weren't the same as their real names, but I just felt too fake. That's not who they are to me...maybe if they had been real nicknames Joshua is Bear and Faith is Peach half the time, but they don't all have nicknames. My kids are older than yours , but I'm still pretty careful with identity (last name) and location.

    I like all of your pseudos except one ;-) You could always add a "t" to the end of his. At least it would be after his favorite sport!

  2. I started out with real names- never even thought of pseudonyms at the time! It's not as if I have a ton of readers, so it isn't a problem for me at this point. Perhaps if I was looking to do more with the blog, I'd have gone with pseudonyms for privacy purposes? I kind of laugh when I read here because I think of your kids more in terms of their blog names so when I see posts on FB, I have to translate..."oh so-and-so, she means Sally". LOL- luckily I called them by their correct names in person;)

  3. I would consider maintaining or updating the pseudonyms. Not for 'safety' or 'privacy' per se, but more because what's posted online tends to stay up indefinitely. So consider the scenario that 30 years down the line a potential employer is considering hiring one of your children and after googling them comes up with most of their childhood in stories, images and videos. Certainly there is nothing wrong with that, however I just think of myself and my own online presence. I am able to manage how people perceive me online, but I didn't have my parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles all blogging about me and posting pics of me on facebook when I was born. For this reason I limit the real name content related to my children, just even for their professional identities later on so they don't have to worry about people stumbling across that hilarious potty training incident that Mom blogged about...

  4. I did my boy's real name mostly because, like Jan- er, BlueDaisy- I didn't think it out ahead of time. (I also mix up your kids names in my head!) My original thought was my blog was for family and friends, so it made sense to me... but now Kaden's becoming aware of how some stuff gets online, AND it seems like more views are coming in (odd since I write less!) and I'm not sure what direction I'll head.

    In any case, like Barbara I am careful of posting exact locations, and I do google variations of his full name every so often to be sure it wasn't on the blog (or anywhere) by accident.

    So for you... IDK? if there's not enough "other" stuff on the blog to clue teh dangerous strangers into where you are... then go with real names. Or if that's too big of a leap, what about middle names?!


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