Thursday, June 06, 2013

Theme Thursday: Where the Girls Are

Linking up with Cari over at Clan Donaldson for this week's theme: girls.

Yeah, baby.  This is my jam.  Because girls?  We got 'em.  And they just wanna have fun.  And do all kinds of other stuff, too.

Sometimes people roll their eyes heavenward and say "Four girls? Woooow. Lots of drama. You better add a bathroom."  As if all girls do is hang out in the bathroom,  filing their nails and teasing their hair.  If you gave my 13 year old a nail file, she would have no idea as to its intended use, but I bet she'd be able to build it into a science project.

Look, I don't know why lots of girls in a family get a bad rap.  If they like to take showers and put on makeup . . . well, there are worse things in the world.  And if they don't like to put on makeup?  Who cares, that's more time in the bathroom for the makeup lover.

These girls are funny, bright, caring, helpful, creative, and much more.  They're keepers.

 These are her academic awards from 8th grade.
Her scholarships are not pictured.
Sing it with me: "I like big books and I cannot lie . . ."

This is Sally's face, all the time.  Smiling, shining.
Rob and I often say that we should have named her Sunny.  Or Joy. 

See that gleam in her eye?  That's where all her funniest, craziest,
most exasperating and most hilarious ideas come from.

My serious baby with the giant eyes and the wild curls.
It's so hard to get Baby to smile on command.
She's very introspective, but those luminous eyes don't miss a thing.


  1. It's impossible to have a favorite...can I say again? I wish I was your neighbor!

  2. What personalities! I love how you took photos that highlights each of them differently.

  3. I love them all. Not just the pictures, the girls themselves. They are all so unique!!

  4. These are great (but you forgot the "head girl"! Then again, so did I) The way you describe Baby? I could describe Ava like that. Beautiful mama!

  5. You girls are all beautiful and they sound like they are just as lovely on the inside!

  6. Love your descriptions, and the pics, what beautiful girls.

  7. Baby reminds me of my youngest girl- big eyes, curls, introspective nature.
    They're all beautiful, and lucky to have a mother who obviously knows and loves them so well.

  8. I hear ya as I have five girls in addition to two boys and my dh and me. I confess we do have four bathrooms that we use constantly because there always seems to be a girl in at least two of them :) Great pictures!

  9. Love those girls!! I don't know if I'm right about this or not but based on these pictures, it seems to me that the oldest and youngest look alot alike and then the middle girls resemble each other. They are all beautiful and I love how you talk about each one's unique self.


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