Friday, June 21, 2013

Flyin' High

We are experiencing that strange elasticity of time that only summer can provide.  We have endless hours stretching out before us and then suddenly we are snapping back to ourselves at the end of the day and wondering where all that time went.

I want to post things here and I want to close down for the summer.  I want to eat ice cream and read novels all day.  I want to spend the long afternoons writing. I want to go swimming alone and do a handstand in the pool.  I want to go to the movies at night.  In the summer it all seems like it might be possible, but of course not much of it is possible.  At least for the mama anyway.

For the mama, there is laundry and cooking and turning on the hose and turning off the hose and fixing the sprinkler and kicking teenagers out of bed and painting bedrooms and all sorts of shenanigans.  A different kind of summer to be sure, but still busy.

So I'll be back later.  Maybe. Probably. Yes. Most likely.

Enjoy, my friends, it's summer!


  1. You better be back!

  2. You can't quit us!!! Enjoy your time off!


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