Friday, May 31, 2013

Meme Mashup

First, I was going to join Jen and do it up 7 Quick Takes style.  Then the heat fried my brain and I could only think of two.  The other six looked like this:   ldknjflasf;lkefjn'lkefj;lekfj jq3ruij.    So, not good.

Then I thought I'd join Barbara and do the 12/year meme, until I realized that I didn't photograph anything in the middle of the month.  I have the beginning days, whose pictures I've already posted, and then I have the end, from Baby's birthday on.

I think this month has been so busy that I may have just blacked out for a while there in the middle.

So instead of going super low bar on one meme, I'm going semi-low bar on two memes, but I'm throwing in a bonus session of The Doctor is In.  I think that's fair.

This guy is so funny.  He has a lovely soft blanket and play mat with all kinds of toys,
but he routinely rolls away from them and likes to rub his face on the carpet.
I control the heebie-jeebies by telling myself that he is self-administering

See? he loves that dumb living room carpet.
Also, is there anything cuter than a thumb baby?  I just love it when he
pops his little thumb in his mouth when he's tired.  Septimus is my third
thumb baby.  Sally was one and Mopsy still is.

Quick-ish take:  I was feeding the baby this morning when Sally came in, waiting for me to brush and braid her hair.  While I was burping Septimus, Sally was cooing at him, saying "who's the cutest baby? Who's the King of the World? Isn't he like heavenly and the King of the World, Mom?"    

So I said, "Well, I guess God is really heavenly and King of the world, but Septimus is the king of our hearts."

She looked at me so sweetly and mildly and said quietly, "No, Mom.  God is King of our hearts, too.  But Septimus is pretty, pretty great."

That just floored me.

"Truly, I say to you, unless you become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

It was Princess and Pirate Day at preschool.  Mopsy got to "shadow" her big brother in class so she could see
what it will be like when she goes in the fall.  The teachers all remarked on how well-behaved and polite she was,
and how protective Bun was of his sister.  I'm glad they could have a nice day together.

A little light reading for a hot afternoon.   Doesn't every kid pick up an atlas of the U.S.
and memorize the capitals and largest cities of the states?  

Quick-ish take #2:  Bun had his kindergarten screening this week, just so they know where kids are as far as language development/skills when they enter in the fall.   Part of the test is designed so that the child keeps identifying pictures based on oral information until they get three wrong in a row.  

When I came to pick him up, the teacher in charge of testing asked me to wait because he was still going.  They didn't trip him up until he hit the 15-16 year old comprehension level.   They were very impressed.

We went home, ate lunch, and then he spent the afternoon drawing all over his legs in pen while I was occupied with laundry and cleaning.  Stupid is as stupid does.

(no, I don't really think he's stupid.  I think he's a 5 year old boy.)

Sweet Baby.  I wanted to put up pictures of her eating her cupcake, but she was so tired that she broke
down in tears before we finished singing "Happy Birthday."  Here she is much earlier, and happier, in the day.

Doesn't everyone like to hang upside down for their birthday?

We bought gourmet cupcakes for Baby's real birthday since we would be celebrating with cake and my parents
on the following weekend.  I'm sad to say that while they looked pretty,  they were just okay in the taste department.  And very expensive!  Everybody tries to make over-the-top cupcakes these days.
Less is more.  Isn't that the whole idea behind a cupcake anyway?


Bun's preschool graduation.  (Poor little guy on Bun's left was sad that the year was over.)
These kinds of things can be really overdone, but his teacher did a great job.
She let the kids pick one song they learned during the year to sing for the parents, and she gave them diplomas.  That was it.  A short and sweet end to the year.
He made it!

Bun and his beloved Miss F.  You can practically see the warmth beaming out of her.
Is it any wonder he was half in love with her?   

Sally was allowed to come over for a little bit since the first grade classroom is right next door to the gym.
All my hams had to get in on the picture with Miss F.
And now, The Doctor is In.

While cleaning up art supplies:  It says these markers are the favorite marker of teachers everywhere.  You know the favorite marker of parents everywhere?  None.

While opening the "courtesy bag" of junky stuff (pens, keychains, magnets)  from the recent trip to the car dealership:  Unless this has $7000.00 in it, I'm not impressed.

While heading out on a hardware store run:  You know you drive a huge van when your minivan feels like a compact car.

While installing the car seats in the new van and trying to thread the straps through all the places they need to go:  (Me) Here take this. Do you feel it? Grab it, just grab it.  Good, yes, that's it right there. Keep going.   (Him):  This sounds eerily similar to what led to us needing this van in the first place.

And with that, I bid you a lovely weekend, my friends.


  1. Loved your doctor comments!! So true about the van, the junky stuff, the well, everything!

    Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! My 6 year old turns 7 June 1--tomorrow. The age of reason. Makes me kind of sad...why do they grow so fast?

  2. Great post, Aimee. The mishmash was just the right balance. ;-)
    I just love those babies -- every one.

  3. Oh gosh, Travis and Rob would get along so well. Laughing at that last one. Can't believe Bun and Lily are off to kindergarten!


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