Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby's Day.

Two. Deux. Due. Dos.   However you say it, it's Baby's birthday!

On this day two years ago, this was my view:

A little pink capped bundle, whose mother swore she was having a boy, surprised the heck out of us on a Monday morning in May.  All 9 pounds 12 ounces of her.

In fact, she's been a wonderful surprise in every way.  And a serious challenge to my fear and my need to control every aspect of life.

She is quiet but not mild; serious but not grumpy; loving but not clingy; protective but not bossy.  She's a delicious dumpling, but don't tell her that or she'll give you her famous stare-down.  It has intimidated the most confident baby handlers, but never any of her siblings.  That's because she's a marshmallow on the inside.

She's all blueberry eyes and chestnut curls and pure heart. Our little May queen.

She's pretty much the best baby sister we know.  We love you, Baby!  Happy birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to Baby! Love the big blue eyes and all those curls. So very pretty!

  2. She's so pretty with amazing hair. I can see why Alexander was all over her. What a beauty!

  3. Oh, happy birthday to your sweet little girly!! What a honey--God bless her!

  4. I love the stare-down shots! TOO funny! She is beautiful and I hope she had a beautiful birthday.


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