Thursday, October 18, 2012


Breaking the blog silence to bring you this public service announcement:  All you super-organized planners have 10 weeks until Christmas.  Actually, you have 9 weeks and 4 days.

How do I know?  Because I am 30 weeks pregnant today.  10 more weeks to go.  Yes, I know that technically translates to more than 2 months, but I have always felt an odd sense of accomplishment when I reach 30 weeks.  There is no other weekly milestone about which I feel this way, not even when I make it the full 40 weeks.

I do realize the depths of my weirdness.  Eh. What are you going to do?

Please enjoy the incredibly blurry, poorly-lit and completely underwhelming baby belly shots that follow.  I have no idea how I manage to look so awkward in every self-portrait.  It's a gift, really.

See, here I cut off my own head.  Which is probably for the best.

Rob calls this my pregnant ninja outfit.
I especially enjoy the expression
on my face.  It is a subtle combination of confusion and exhaustion, with just
a shade of ennui.  

I thought black was slimming?
Apparently not slimming enough.

Yes, I know I have TEN! MORE! WEEKS! to go.  I know I'm waddling all over the place and it looks like I'm about to drop this kid in the middle of the Target parking lot.  

Not gonna happen, my friends.   I'll make it, I know I will.  The only time I've had a baby before a due date was when we all made Bun come out early because he was being a little punk on the inside.  Otherwise, my kids hang out in there so long you would think that my uterus is Club Med.

So maybe it's more like 11 more weeks, but let's not dwell on that.  My abs might just stage a mutiny.


  1. Congrats on reaching the 30 week milestone! Hooray! (Though how scary is it that Christmas is so close?!?!)

  2. You always make me laugh. And you look great.

  3. You need to put yourself in Sally's capable hands for photo shoots. Ssomething tells me she would glam you up perfectly. I bet she could snap the picture, too!

    You look wonderfully pregnant my dear!

  4. Awesome milestone!! Love the belly pics & your ninja outfit ;)

  5. Oh boy, I can totally imagine what would happen if Sally handled the photo shoots! I'm guessing a tiara would be involved.
    I'm not even thinking about Christmas being this close. Deny, deny, deny.

  6. Lovely pregnancy shot!

  7. you're 5 weeks ahead of me and you look GREAT!

  8. You look fantastic!! I can't believe you only have 10 more weeks (probably seems like a life time to you though). Hoping those 10 weeks are uneventful and healthy!!


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