Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes

I have exactly 20 minutes to do these quick takes.  No kidding, the timer is set.  It's go time!


Rob got a very nice compliment from one of his patients the other day. I thought I'd share it, just to remind us that people are always watching our actions, whether we realize it or not.

After taking care of his family, Rob's patient pulled him aside and said, "Doc, can I ask you a question?"  "Of course," replied Rob.  "Are you a Christian?"  "Yes, I am."  "I knew it.  I knew it from the way you treat my family.  I knew you were."

So there you go.  I guess the song we sang at every grade school mass is correct in a way.  They really will know we are Christians by our love.


I found the boys huddled under Bun's comforter this morning, playing video games after I had told them not to.  As I yelled at Bun, who I suspected to be the instigator, his brother sprang passionately to his defense.  It warmed my heart so much that I let both of them go with a warning.

Then later, when Fiver was sequestered in his room to do some of his summer reading, I found Bun sitting on the sofa with a long face.  "I miss my brudder when he's not with me."   Oh, man, sweet, right?

Not two minutes later, Bun was in the sin bin for walking upstairs and whacking his beloved "brudder" on the back, telling him to hurry up with the reading and get out of their room.

So, yeah. Typical.


Isn't this a cool drawing?  Bun presented it to my mother and me last week.  Can you guess what it is?


It's a church!  Bun showed us and said, "This is my weally big church with a gold cross and doors on the sides."

I think this is a mighty fine 4 year old artist's rendering of a church.  He's got a wild streak, but maybe he's destined for something great.  I'll ask St. Augustine to take it under advisement.


I still want to rip-off borrow Camp Patton's Simon Says idea, but I can't think of what to call it.  Colleen suggested "Rob's Rants,"  which would work if we were talking about me (rant central, right here), but Rob hardly ever rants.  Like ever.  With Rob, it's more like pithy, wry comments, usually in regard to something ridiculous the children or I have done.

Rob's Ruminations?  The Mind of Rob?  Rob's World?  What?   I mean, nothing is going to be as perfect as "Simon Says."  That name is money, right there.

Why can't Rob have a more convenient name?  I'm sure he'd have something pithy to say if he was here right now.


I have exactly 7 minutes left.


Even though I don't have a name for this part, here are a few pearls from Rob to get you started:

  • (after hearing our fireworks-obsessed neighbors set off just one loud explosive):  

          "Huh. I guess they are coming by land."

  • (after witnessing Mopsy's new midday obsession with stripping off her clothes and wearing her very fancy princess nightgown around the house):
           "Mopsy has now entered the evening wear portion of the competition."

  • (after I ate an overly generous portion of dessert, I nudged him aside in the kitchen, telling him to make way for his fat wife)
           "Oh, she found me?  Well, this will be awkward."

Aaaaand, time.  

Have a great weekend, my friends!


  1. Lol, I love it all!

    Plus, you could always call it Adopted Simon Says...since, you know, we adopted him!

    XOs to all!

  2. Anonymous1:26 PM

    RE: Number five
    Names I am called in a typical day:
    Hey, you

    If my parents had only named me something sensible like Polycarp, you could have "Polycarp's Perorations". *Sigh*

  3. Number 7 and his comment above are my favorites. I think Bun's picture looks like the Sydney opera house behind a very fancy bed with a cross for good measure. ;) It is a fabulous drawing.

  4. How about "righteous Rob"

  5. GeeGee9:10 PM

    How about "Rob's ribs"

  6. Oh yeah, you've got to keep these coming, no matter what you call them! And Bun is seriously talented (as if I have to tell you that).

  7. Those were good takes. What a joy your beloved must must be to live with!


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