Thursday, May 24, 2012

{p,h,f,r}: Six's First

Three posts in one week?! What is happening here?  Is it possible that I am getting my act together?

Don't bet on it, my friends.  I am just extraordinarily negligent of pretty much everything else.  Besides, {p,h,f,r} posts are generally light and quick.  (Unless Blogger is having a hissy fit about the photos.)

We are feeling the Short-Timer's Syndrome in a bad way here.  The kids know that there is really nothing left to do at school, homework has become an exercise in eye-rolling, and I have been pushing the kids to use every single dress down day pass they have earned through the year just so I don't have to deal with a uniform.  

I also may or may not have forced them to buy a hot lunch that they do not particularly care for just so I didn't have to make another lunch.  I'll never tell.  

In my opinion, it's the perfect time for a birthday! Something fun to shake up the tedium of those last few days of the school year and to force me off the computer to make a cake.  

Baby had a great day yesterday. The first thing her brothers and sisters did when they woke up was sing to her and coddle her.  She may get all the hand-me-downs and broken toys, but she's never lonely or forgotten.  That's a good deal.

Why are you making me sit here, Mom?  I want to play!

Sorry, Baby, but you must have a First Birthday photo op in your birthday shirt.
It's in the Mom Code Book.  

Besides, I have to make up for all the other days of the year when there are no pictures
of you because I forgot the camera.


I am not a great decorator or cake froster, and that is possibly the worst letter "M" ever to be put on a cake,
but I do like having a homemade cake for the kids' birthdays.
This was strawberry bundt cake with vanilla frosting. 

Baby had no idea why everyone was singing to her, but she knew exactly what to do with the cake.

Bun's baseball obsession continues to grow.  These are Phillies' Lego minifgures.
I found them at the store at our minor league ballpark, so I picked up some of Bun's favorite players.
He made his very own Field of Dreams.

This kid is just funny.
 Except when he is trying to work the word "poop-a-loop" into every conversation.
That gets a little old.


  1. Glad to see that now that she is the big 1, she is still not too old for adorable "scrunchy nose" poses. :)

  2. I will now hunt for our own Rangers minifigs. So cool.

  3. I'm so glad that Baby had a wonderful birthday. Birthdays at home, with family, are the very best kind - I'm only sorry I missed it! I don't know why you worried about the cake, I thought it was beautiful! My first thought upon seeing that picture was, "My, what a lovely iced cake!"

    Also, Bun is a ridiculously hilarious boy. And you know that Juju shares his obsession with the P*s, even if they are barely holding their own this year. Perhaps, Bun's Lego team is first in their division?


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