Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like It's 1999. Or Maybe Just Watch a Movie.

Thanks for all of your encouragement on my last post, my friends.  I really do appreciate it.  And I also feel compelled to dispel the myth of my superhuman will power.  I just don't have it and I regularly feel like eating a bag of cookies.   Not just one or two, the whole stinkin' bag, people.  It's why I can't buy anything tasty for the house anymore.  Just wanted to put that out there.

Today is my birthday, and I have been having a lovely day, but as we all know, the beat goes on whether it's your birthday or not.  So that means school for the big kids, library time for the little kids, after school study groups for Francie, dance class for Sally, and on and on.

The really nice thing about today, though, is that Rob took the day off.  All the regular hubbub of a busy day is made so much nicer when you can spend it with your best friend.  Plus, he bought me flowers and an iPhone, which is completely fun.  (And he also got one for his birthday, which is on Monday.)

When I was a little girl, I wanted everyone to know it was my birthday.  I didn't necessarily want stuff,  but I wanted people to recognize that it was My Day.  (Well, mine and a million other people's, but whatever.)   

Then I got older and I went through a phase where I didn't want anyone to know it was my birthday.  I was too cool for that.  Who cares if it's my birthday?

Now I've reached a happy medium.  I don't expect adulation, but I don't mind when people find out either.  Which is good, because I think my children have told just about everyone they've encountered today.  And they've each come to me separately and wished me a happy birthday multiple times.

I think that's the gift I've liked the best of all.  So far, 36 looks really good to me.


  1. Oh I get to be first to wish you Happy Birthday (or one hundred and third thanks to the kids!). Happy, happy birthday dear lady. One of the funniest gals on the net! Go watch a movie, or two!

  2. PS I really wish I could deliver you a big chocolate and whipped cream cake!

  3. Happy Birthday!! I'll be joining you in the 36 ranks tomorrow :) !!

  4. Happy Birthday My Friend! I love that my kids make a big deal out of bdays too, although they have been well-trained to tell people I am always 29!!

  5. Marguerite7:46 PM

    Merry Christmas:)

  6. So young and blessed with a beautiful family. Happy Birthday! Your newest addition is adorable!! Congratulations!

  7. Happy birthday again! You're more mature than me--I still want the attention and the presents. ;) Of course, like you, my day goes on with all the normal activities that come with a house full of kids. Their excitement that it is my birthday does make up for it though. So glad you got to spend the day with Rob. And a fancy phone! ;)

  8. Happy Birthday! My mom always made a huge deal out of birthdays, and that has stuck with me. Everyone should have at least one special day in the year, and be acknowledged and celebrated just for being here! Presents are a bonus, though!

    Hope you had a great day!

  9. GeeGee8:43 AM

    Hello Blog friends! Aimee has shared all her baby birth stories with you. Now I would like to tell you HER birth story...
    Dad and I were as prepared as any first-time parents could be-we faithfully attended childbirth classes and read all of the parenting books of the day. I started my maternity leave from work(6 months in those days)on Dec.1 since our baby was due Dec.17. The whole month of December came and went and no baby. Jan.3 we attended my sister's wedding. You can imagine how many times I heard "Are you still here?" that day...I had been 2cm.dilated since the beginning of December. I had just completed a 24 hour urine collection (to test placental viability) and a few stress tests. I didn't believe my doctor when he told me on Friday Jan.9 that the baby would come that weekend. So we set up an appointment for Jan.1 to induce labor. We had another wedding to attend Jan.10. I spent the day waddling to the restroom at the firehall while everyone else danced with the bride and groom. We went home and watched some TV. By 10:00 I felt restless and I had chills so I went to bed. I could hear the Carol Burnett Show from the living room TV, where Dad sat and (unknown to me) began timing the contractions I didn't realize I was having. I thought I was getting the flu! Finally @11:00 Dad came into the bedroom and told me it was time to call the doctor. I argued that it wasn't real labor and I didn't want to disturb the doctor at this hour. I was agitated and tired but my sweet, patient husband finally convinced me to call the doc. Of course I apologized for bothering him. He told me it was no bother. He and the Mrs. were playing backgammon. I should go to the hospital....By this time I was fully awake and realized my contractions were real, and 5 minutes apart. We headed out for the 35 minute drive. When we arrived at the hospital, there was a flurry of activity. The L&D floor was buzzing. They had 8 women in labor! They asked me if I was "natural" delivery. I said yes, so I was left to labor for a while. I knew what to expect and everything proceeded. I could hear other women screaming and moaning as I walked the hall. When I got back to my room, a nurse checked on me and asked if I wanted any meds. No thanks. (I wasn't as bad off as those poor, screaming women. I'd wait till it got really unbearable). Finally my doctor arrived and I asked for something to take the edge off...too late! I was fully effaced. I remember being wheeled to the delivery room (they were separate from the labor area in those days)The delivery room was large and cold. I didn't push very long...only 5 contractions, but I thought that once her head was out the rest would be easy....NOT! It took what seemed (at least to me)like ages for the shoulders to emerge.
    THen I felt warm and wonderful and I heard "It's a girl" and "There's my Aimee" from Dad. Everyone started chattering and I caught a glimpse of this absolutely beautiful baby girl...she was chubby and blood or mess...with a shock of black hair. I think her APGAR must have been 10!!! She was 3 weeks late, but she was perfect! 8lbs 7 oz. 21 1/2"
    our first little angel..
    She has been an absolute joy for 36years...

  10. GeeGee8:49 AM

    Just in case you were trying to follow the timeline- I was scheduled to be induced Tues.Jan.13 not Jan.1 as I posted...Aimee was born 5:08 January 11...Sunday's child.....


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