Monday, January 30, 2012

Mission Accomplished

That number "1" underneath her phys. ed. grade is the comment code for "displays positive attitude." 

Well, my friends, she did it.  She met her own goal.

Francie brought home Principal's Honors on her report card for the second quarter.  Her grade point average was exactly the same as the first quarter, but there was a big difference.

Can you see it up there?  Under "Physical Education?"

She turned that "S" into an "O."  Satisfactory to outstanding.  She spoke with her teacher, she adjusted her attitude, she set a new goal, and she went to work.

And I am more proud of that than anything else.


  1. She's awesome. Good for her!

  2. Congratulations Francie!

    I know how proud you are!

    Attitude adjustment and goal setting are major achievements at any age! I am still working on both of those myself.

  3. It's fantastic when kids get to learn the lesson that their efforts really can pay off! Kudos to the teacher involved as well- for coaching her and then rewarding the effort :) Congratulations Francie!!!!

  4. Anonymous9:33 PM

    YEAH BABY!!!!! :-D
    -Lisa L


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