Monday, January 23, 2012

Late Middle and Little Little: The Sisters

"Sisters, Sisters,
There were never such devoted sisters . . ."

Mopsy:  Hey, Sissy, come sit with me.  No, no,  don't leave.  Let me hold on to your arm, just in case you get any bright ideas about making a break for it.

Baby:  Uh, Mom?  I am feeling extraordinarily uneasy about this situation.
Baby:  Still not feeling real great about this.  She's really holding on pretty tight.

Mopsy: Look, I'll let go a little bit.  See?  you are totally free to move around.
Baby:  Uh, okay . . .

Mopsy:  Hang on there, chick.  You ain't that free to move around.

Mopsy:  I'll give you FIVE little reasons to stay on this sofa with me.  Bam.
Baby:  Mom, are watching this?  Are you just going to take pictures or are you going to step in?

Mopsy:  There, see?  We've reached a happy medium.
Baby: Sure, fine, whatever.

Oh, my girls.  They crack me up.

And don't worry about Baby.  She more than holds her own against the very hands-on love of Mopsy.  She's got teeth, she loves to pull hair, and she is nearly the same size.  That evens the playing field quite a bit.


  1. Love it. I have so many pictures of my girls when they were little. The time is already a blur in so many ways, but the pictures take me right back.

  2. So cute!!! This reminds me of a YouTube video called "Charlie Bit My Finger". If you've never see it, you should look it up. My kids and I love it. It cracks us up every time we watch it. My 9 year old loves to imitate it and can even do a pretty good British accent!

  3. GeeGee12:45 PM

    Our little girls are so cute,aren't they? I especially love pictures 2 and 3--their expressions are priceless.

  4. Love those little girls!!


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